November 2017, Week 3

+ Kinda functional network play
+ Items reimplemented betterer
+ Equipment implemented
+ Particle system revamped to allow sprites
+ Panel container object implemented for GUI
+ Campaign menu for party and inventory working
- Been a very long time
- Weird camera issue

November 2016, Week 2

+ Squid guy is rigged and ready to animate
+ Made improvements to UI
+ Started focusing on making environments look better
+ Combat event/action bug squashed
- Skill system needs to have improvements made to allow actions to trigger based on current value of other actions.
- Will need to start making/finding sound effects
- Art skills need drastic improvement

October 2016, Week 2

+ Rough modeling completed on squid guy
+ Can steal rig from mantis for squid guy
+ Male knight modeling completed
+ Sound for skills implemented
- Strange combat event/action bug
- More character assets needed