March 2018, Week 1

+ Level 1 drawn out
+ Improved AI
+ Greatly improved movement
- Made new bugs cos of movement change

January 2018, Week 3

+ Submitted a video to EGX in the low low chances of getting a free booth spot there

December 2017, Week 3

+ Various bug fixes
+ BG shader works proper like
+ Fixed gravity effecting all physics objects
+ Made first enemy

December 2017, Week 2

+ Lovely tile shader
+ Worked on story
+ Control fixes, bugs done
- Have to work on softbodies now

November 2017, Week 4

+ Moved all my work to a new computer
+ Fucked around with gravity and speed settings, feels a bit more intuitive now.
+ Controller support in
+ Added a 'lock gun' mode, a 'lock player' mode, and a button to set your gravity back to Vector2.down, which is great for getting height when jumping off walls.
- Should really learn tilemaps properly