Unnamed Platformer/RPG Hybrid

March 2018, Week 3

+ Got 9-sliced animated windows working
+ Basic cutscene/dialogue system working
- Haven't figured out how to have more than one window open at once without using multiple objects yet
- Same thing with loading text from external files
- Really starting to slow down on how much work I'm getting done

March 2018, Week 2

+ Started work on a cool RPG field menu
- Was busy all week so that's it
- I figured I'd have a lot more free time to dev coming up but turns out I was wrong

March 2018, Week 1

+ Working main menu
+ Working items and inventory
+ Figured out how draw_gui works
+ Improved camera a bit
- Meant to do saving and loading but didn't even start on that yet

February 2018, Week 4

+ Redid collisions and added subpixels
+ It's in 60fps now
+ Prototype pushblocks and prototype interactable objects (switches, npcs, etc)
+ Finally figured out battle system design
+ Main menu mockup
- Will probably have to redo pushblocks entirely since the way I'm doing things isn't working how I like
- Main menu doesn't actually work yet and I was super sure I'd be able to pull it off in time for recap

February 2018, Week 3

+ Basic overworld platformer movement and collision
+ Dashing system
+ Controllable camera
+ Basic animation functionality
- No actual RPG elements at all yet
- No actual art/music assets yet