May 2018, Week 5

+ Refactored a bit of the code revolving the selected unit
+ Cleaned up the code a bit and removed some of the libtcod tutorial stuff
- the refactoring is only part way done and has caused about ten million bugs, simple bugs but still
- Haven't really done much else

May 2018, Week 4

+ Added combat formula
+ Now have melee range weapons
+ Fixed bug with dead units
+ Fix bug with exiting aiming function
+ Fixed bug with weapon ranges not working
- Found that same bug in other area that used similar code, too lazy to go back fix those since they're just vestigial parts of the libtcod tutorial and my early experimentation
- Haven't refactored all instances of selected unit
- Need to make a unit placement menu
- Need to remove tutorial vestiges

May 2018, Week 3

+ Units now have collisions and can't phase through each other
+ Rewrote how a unit is made, ended with a base class and 4 components that I'm really happy with
+ Units can attack and die
+ Planning to refactor the bulk of how the game interacts with units to make it a little less janky
- Haven't implemented the attack formula
- Attacks are only ranged right now
- Opening the unit menu after a unit has died crashes the game (it's a small fix I've already got planned)
- Still haven't finished the tutorial

May 2018, Week 2

+ Fixed the object has no call method error, it was probably bad naming conventions biting me in the ass as I fixed by renaming the class to something else
+ You can now place down units
+ Units can now be selected and moved properly
- Units can't do anything sides move
- They don't even collide with each other
- Still haven't finished the tutorial
- Don't actually have a screenshot of the game so I'm using old code as a placeholder