October 2018, Week 3

+ Started work on re-topologizing. Head is about done.
+ Refined logo graphic and bought new font for commercial use for game logo.
+ Drew a new lewd pic of Eileen.
+ Seeing a lot of awesome art and things on Twitter. Gives me ideas...

October 2018, Week 2

+ Placed first Eileen sculpt into T-pose; NOW she is ready for re-topologizing.
+ Learned how to re-topologize in Blender. Will use Blender instead of Topogun so I can keep access to various Blender modeling tools while I re-topo.
+ Finished level 2 prototype, it is ready for testing. Need to implement falling mechanic now.
+ Learned how level streaming works in UE4. Will start implementing that some time today.
+ Obtained 14 followers on my first week on Twitter. Social media promotion is hard work!

October 2018, Week 1

+ Finished first sculpt, ready to do retopology
+ Went ahead and studied how to create procedural materials in UE4. Got a nice marble material as a result. I plan to make a comprehensive material library so I can save time with textures.
+ Making the new level assets so I can begin work on pitfalls.
+ Finalized logo for the game. I'm happy with this one for now, the previous concepts were shit, lol.
+ Changed name of the game to just Passionheart. The old name was just too much of a mouthful.
+ Started a Tumblr and Twitter page! Already at five followers on Twitter! Addresses are listed above.

September 2018, Week 4

+ Got Legs and feet blocked in
+ Starting doing the head and face! Can't wait to get to the point where they no longer look like a gray alien. O.o
+ Blocked in ear shape.
+ About to do facial features.
+ Been designing concepts for icon and logo design for the game but they are terrible atm.
- Having resolution problems with dynamesh and am not for certain how to get any higher than 1024.

September 2018, Week 3

+ Transferred project to dev computer. Was able to test movement speed and rotation.
- Modified rotation interpolation method but didn't seem to make that much of a difference.
+ Started sculpting Eileen again, have the legs done and am now working on here feet. Once that is done, I can work on her head and face a bit before going into much more detail.

September 2018, Week 2

+ Movement system for when the player is on ice is fully functional
+ Researched level streaming for UE4 and will implement soon for testing pitfall mechanics.
+ Started work on new game design document so I can better organize all of my ideas and features
+ Ordered new PC cooler. Once it is delivered and installed, will transfer the project to dev PC and can start fully working on sculpting Eileen. May make getting Eileen's character model complete the highest priority so I can start shilling her for the game online. Maybe make her a adult virtual idol just to promote the game?
+ Discovered how to fully encapsulate teh player class. All casting to the player is being removed. Now objects that need to cast to the player instead check for any instance of the player class and fills an array. Since only one player class can exist, having it in an array should be no issue and I can grab the instance from that array.
- Was out of town last week and had no access to my project, so I couldn't work on it for a week :(

August 2018, Week 5

+ Fixed a bug in the UI where the mouse cursor disappears when a window is closed, but another window is still open.
+ Added keys functionality to door system. Doors can now be locked and only opened with the appropriate key entered into the appropriate key slot.
+ Added a message to inform the player when using a key that nothing happens unless they are at a keyslot.
+ Added one way doors. These doors can be opened from one side but once the player step through them, they close and lock automatically, preventing the player from going back unless there is an alternate path that allows backtracking. If the player does go back to the other side of the door, it unlocks again.
+ Learned how to implement illusionary walls.
+ Currently working on movement for when the player is on ice and learning how to create material functions with Blueprint.

August 2018, Week 4

+ Refined treasure chest system. No longer have to enter parameters per chest, can just plug an item into the chest and that is what it contains.
+ Drew a lewd sketch of the protagonist (is that even progress?)
+ Finished nude and model sheets for Eileen Passionheart (the protagonist)
+ Started sculpting Eileen in Zbrush.
+ Implemented door system. The door system is set up where a door can be unlocked, uses a key, or uses a switch. Use of keys still need to be tested, but an inventory system needs developed first.
+ Learned how to access and change values on dynamic materials. This will prove useful for lights and other materials.
+ Learned how to create a basic glass texture.
+ Currently working on inventory system.

August 2018, Week 3

+ Scenario and maps already planned out and completed
+ Determined to need four main modes: Exploration Mode, Visual Novel Mode, Town Mode, and Battle Mode.
+ Started work on Exploration Mode.
+ Built prototype environment.
+ Movement System now working.
+ Compass now working.
+ HUD is now working, displays cardinal direction player is facing.
+ Stats Window is now working. Can open and close window with a hot key or use the close button.
+ Designed character and model sheet for main character, "Ëileen." Received lots of feedback, thank you!
+ Base interaction system working, can investigate chests and obtain their contents with just the press of a button.
+ Stat Window can reflect changes in real time from interacting with objects that change data.