Spaceship Crew Self-Defense Simulator

August 2017, Week 4

+ Fixed a bunch of really frustrating bugs related to the mini-game, pathfinding and inventory UI
+ Implemented a new version of the main character (from a new artist)
- motivation is really low

July 2017, Week 4

+ hacking mini-game mostly done
+ cameras move from left to right
+ added an alarm mechanic

July 2017, Week 3

+ added some juice to the c4
+ added deployable cameras
- I'll work harder this week I swear

July 2017, Week 2

+ added a FOV for the enemies
+ added peeking mechanic
- I need more discipline

July 2017, Week 1

+ mostly fixed performance issues
+ worked on implementing new character sprites
+ added in-game terminals to see air levels
+ fixed miscellaneous issues after getting feedback from DD15
- lost two days of work because of me feeling down

June 2017, Week 5

+ added ammo system
+ added item description for the inventory
+ windows can be destroyed with explosives
+ added a swap functionality in the inventory
+ added easteregg
+ released version for DD15
- big performance issues

June 2017, Week 4

+ mouse trap working perfectly
+ camera is now dynamic
+ more visible cursor (pixels are colored as the inverse of the background)
+ player can drop items and drag and drop in his inventory
+ enemies can patrol
+ enemies will wait for doors to open instead of sometimes glitching through
+ various bug fixing
+ new weapon : c4

June 2017, Week 3

+ Worked on inventory system and UI
+ Bug solving
+ Art commission is coming along pretty well

June 2017, Week 2

+ about to finish depressurization mechanics
+ bug solving
- lack of progress due to e3

June 2017, Week 1

+ continued to work on depressurization mechanics
+ a lot of bug solving
- slow progress

May 2017, Week 4

+ enough free time to pick the project back up
+ began working on the UI
+ reworked depressurization mechanics
+ solved quite a few bugs

January 2017, Week 2

+ Added doors
+ Added door switches
+ Made the AI being able to navigate through doors and hit door switches if necessary
+ Added destructible glass
+ Added a depressurization mechanic when destroying glass
+ Improved the shadows
+ Rewrote movement mechanics for the 3rd time
+ Rewrote dash ability
- Still have no idea what I'm going to do about graphics

November 2016, Week 2

+ Improved UI
+ Improved AI
+ Fixed some major bugs
- Computer broke down last week, I'm using my laptop

October 2016, Week 4

+ Worked on the dash move
+ Fixed some bugs
+ Improved the camera
- Carpal tunnel syndrome is killing me