Untitled 3D JRPG

May 2022, Week 4

Added a scrollbar text window to the Main Menu so that I can put any relevant information ingame
In the process found a bug in the GUI library source code which I reported to the developer and they fixed it (Yay!)
Fixed all memory leaks in the GUI
Moved FPS counter from the title bar to an overlay in the game window, which can in the future be used to also display other debug information.

May 2022, Week 3

Modeled/rigged a new hair
Implemented view camera collision with scenery to prevent walls etc from obscuring the player

May 2022, Week 2

Submitted DD44 build. Had to wrestle with static linking a bit and the demo needed to be updated 1 day after the DD deadline.
Had to remove combat from this DD because of problems in the GUI input (Only in Win64)
Fixed it, it was required that I passed the window handle as a parameters to OGRE for SDL input events to work properly
Unicode wasn't displaying properly in the GUI (Only in Win64). I investigated the problem and I think I have found a solution. Still need to apply it to the game and test it
Came up with a new system to keep track of work to be done
Planned a new system to allow visually swapping equipment since there were some problems with my last attempt