A Smol RPG

March 2017, Week 4

+ added an x to indicate item counts
+ working on descriptions on hover for items
+ added another weapon
+ redoing magic effects
+ reducing screens needed to click through in battle

March 2017, Week 2

+ fixed a movement bug where the player would slide after moving for a while
+ hotfix [Cancel] button for the status menu softlock
+ got my desktop back, improving the dungeon
+ working on a better camera

March 2017, Week 1

+ cloned DQ8 battle menus
+ first dungeon floor finished
+ visible equipment now
+ added more enemies
+ status effects are working
+ DD13 build just about ready
- still fighting with cutscene cameras

February 2017, Week 4

+ added more music
+ halfway done with first dungeon
+ something like a bestiary is in the game now
+ enemies now roam instead of random battles, like DQ8
- facing poverty

February 2017, Week 3

+ alchemy system works now
+ made more models for dungeon level
+ got another font
- university is taking a lot of time

February 2017, Week 2

+ added UI sounds
+ simple quests are working
+ added more animations to the player character
+ saving and loading works now
+ added particle effects to battles
+ """source"""
+ crafting is almost done
+ dialogue system can now have branches
- need some actual music
- couldn't make comfy jam deadline

February 2017, Week 1

+ finished battles
+ improved lighting a bit
+ finished basic animations
+ xp is saved now

January 2017, Week 4

+ character classes finished
+ branching dialogue finished
+ basic battle system half finished
+ can switch between fixed and player-following camera
+ battles in progress
- lost old character models and animations in a tragic hdd failure