Totally not Castlevania

August 2017, Week 1

+ Fixed jittering
+ Implemented new HUD in game
+ Started working on a pause/inventory screen
+ Made small changes to level design
- Slow progress
- Nothing interesting to show

July 2017, Week 4

+ Made a couple of NPC sprites
+ Discovered what's causing the jitter
+ Started fixing it
- Need to rework a lot of shit to fix it
- Focusing on that so little progress on everything else

July 2017, Week 3

+ Made backgrounds for the first part of stage 1
+ Tweaked player's physics to make them closer to CVIII instead of CVI
+ Fixed a couple of huge bugs
- More backgrounds I need to make
- A couple of sprites need to be redone
- Need to rebalance the boss fight
- No progress on music at all

July 2017, Week 2

+ Finished the background for the small catacombs area
+ Made new graphics for most sub-weapons and misc items
+ Started tweaking physics and rewriting old and messy code
+ Got lots of useful feedback
- Stared working on music, I suck at it
- Still have a lot of stolen assets to replace

July 2017, Week 1

+ Finished a shitty boss
+ Made an intro/story screen
+ Started working on a new enemy
+ Started working on a background tileset
- Still have a lot of stolen assets I need to replace
- Found a couple of huge bugs to fix
- I suck at balancing difficulty

June 2017, Week 5

+ Fixed tons of bugs
+ Tweaked zombie's AI a little
+ Made a ghost enemy that acts like Medusa heads
+ Started working on a really simple boss
+ First Stage's layout is pretty much ready
- Still not a single background tile anywhere
- More bugs fucking everywhere

November 2016, Week 1

+ Stopwatch
+ Room transitions
+ Starting work on level design
+ Working on non copyrighted art
- Still only have one enemy
- Haven't had much time to work
- I'm running out of steam

October 2016, Week 4

+ Movement working almost identically to the classics
+ Able to jump up through floating platforms from underneath to keep reliable movement
+ Health system is in
+ Magic (item consumption) system is in
+ Dagger and axe sub weapons in
+ Primitive enemy spawning system
+ Room transitions work (faster than the webms I've posted)
+ Recovery system in (will be carefully balanced as to not remove challenge)
+ Working on music
+ Working on character design and sprite making
- I'm shit at art.