February 2019, Week 2



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Adding docking ports for stations, and docking doors that can open and close
+ Added even more station pieces
+ Fixed issue where tooltips wouldn’t appear under some circumstances
+ Created additional mineable asteroids
+ All areas expected to be mineable can now be mined
+ Fixed issue where some fields didn’t have ambient sound
+ Fixed collision issue with some equipment
+ Stations now indicate in the UI what special services they offer, at a glance!
+ Fixed issue where nebulas would occlude things too early due to an incorrect calculation
+ Added plateau style docking ports
+ Added some additional controls to the photomode UI
+ Music switching now happens smoother and doesn't malfunction
+ Fixed issue where all NPCs would stop talking if one died too quickly
+ NPCs now have combat taunts
+ NPCs will now tell their boys to buckle up, because they’re headed to the (SYSTEM) when going through a gate or hole
+ Added some special stuff I can’t talk about
+ Added tentacle colliders
+ Added new lighthouse variations
+ Added powerlines and line-marching effect
+ Rebalanced lower level NPCs to be easier