Bullet Hell Lane Shooter

March 2019, Week 2

+ Repo is linked up again.
+ Reviewing what I have done and need to do.
- I might need to start a fresh project for this again and move over a lot of my code and assets.

February 2019, Week 3

+ Still getting stuff filled in.

February 2019, Week 2

+ Good chunk of the script rewrites are done.
- Need to re-do a bunch of the spawning systems.

January 2019, Week 5

+ Working on the new class hierarchy.
- It's taking a bit longer than I'd like, but at least it'll be a little easier to work with.

January 2019, Week 4

+ Finally unfucked my repo.
+ Laying out better class hierarchy.
+ Started working on endless mode.
- Slow progress for the next few weeks seems likely.

January 2019, Week 3

+ Fixed a bug where having a controller plugged in would fuck up keyboard controls.
+ Other fixes.
- I am moving away from making the "Story" mode, and scaling back my scope. So I'm gonna do what I originally planned and make a endless arcade-style mode.
- Still need to sort out my repo.

January 2019, Week 1

+ Getting a much needed hardware upgrade.
- Did next to nothing because of Xmas.
- My repo doesn't seem to want to accept any push requests.

December 2018, Week 4

+ Continuing to add more levels.
- This is gonna take longer than I thought.
- Light week, probably not gonna do much over Xmas either. Will probably stick to design work.

December 2018, Week 3

+ Still adding new waves of enemies.
- Progress is slow because I have to check every single wave works properly when I add it.
- Getting distracted.

December 2018, Week 2

+ Made some more waves.
+ Made a thing that's gonna be used for some bosses.
- A thing I wanted to make was too hard to implement so I scrapped it.

December 2018, Week 1

+ Added some effects for when the player is killed, so it no longer looks like they're instantly spawning on top of themselves.
+ Minor HUD change to have it work better with the previous point.
- Not sure how to implement the new stuff I want to do.

November 2018, Week 5

+ Cleaned up some stuff in code.
+ Updated some enemy behaviours.
+ Added a new item which forces the player to jump between the top and bottom of screen on contact.
- Need to add the last few enemy/item types.

November 2018, Week 4

+ Came up with some new enemy position patterns.
+ Changing the behaviour of some enemy types.
- Need to clean up and refactor a bunch of stuff.

November 2018, Week 3

+ Got feedback from my demo, so I'm gonna go work on some fixes and changes.
- Not much work last week.

October 2018, Week 4

+ Added a screenshot feature
+ Fixed those bugs I caused
+ Redid all the spawning stuff so it's a bit more interesting.
- Collisions are really unresponsive at high speed (Not frame rate, just movement speed)
- Taking a bit of a break to play RDR2, will still do some work though.

October 2018, Week 3

+ Fixed the issues with using controllers on menus.
+ Menus finished up.
+ Fixed most gameplay bugs.
- Caused a few new bugs by fixing the old ones.
- Need to start rebuilding the wave spawning for levels to make it more fun.
- Need to do music, font work, and add juice. Probably won't get to it till the demo is done.