March 2019, Week 4



Pastaspace Interactive




+ Implemented the last few proper models for big ships
+ Implemented last few racial pieces
+ Fixed some model issues on new station piece models
+ Added additional stations for edgeworlds
+ Fixed issues with character models and updated physics stuff
+ Implemented character customization. In singleplayer there’s no way to access it currently (and not much reason to do so).
+ Fixed issue where loading screen tech was causing weird multiplayer issues
+ Implemented more piecemeal style saving/loading in multiplayer

+ Tons and tons of PR work, new websites and everything.
+ NPC sync finally finally looking better. Jitter is way less of a thing.
+ Added some more border stations
+ Added NPC only weapons for some NPC-specific ships and filled factions out with these
+ Fixed issue where some jumpholes were tagged improperly
+ Did some more stuff to that one haunted system
+ Fixed longstanding issue with repairing ships
+ Ships on fire that put those fires out will no longer still be on fire even when they shouldn’t be
+ Fixed issue where players in multiplayer couldn’t respawn
+ Fixed issue where ships would spawn in multiplayer before their owning systems were set up
+ Added random object disappearerers. Basically a small system that can give items only a small chance of appearing in a star system. Mostly used for haunted stuff.
+ Added new race models for the Ballden
+ Added models for hardpoints, so that ship equipment isn’t just sitting on nothing
+ Fixed some issues with first-person character controllers
+ Fixed issue where sound settings wouldn’t be applied when first starting up the game
+ Fixed some music issues
+ Added a selfie mode, and vanity cameras won’t freeze time in multiplayer
+ Players now have nametags when on stations, races now control camera height
+ Fixed issue where players couldn’t die more than once
+ Fixed longstanding camera filter issues
+ Began phasing out some redundant multiplayer entities and functionality





love, aseprite

first level doesn't require time leaping but showing the little effect I added to distinguish currently controlled character