April 2019, Week 4



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Mostly added station models and stuff
+ Station interiors in the demo region redone to be more nice
+ Fixed some factions that were offering missions against enemy factions they didn’t ever encounter
+ Redid first person controller to suck less
+ Null faction entities can have the shit blown out of them
+ Fixed some issues with deaddrop missions
+ Fixed some undocking issues
+ UI targeting bars now fill properly
+ Eliminated some superfluous features from stations that weren’t being used but were making my life more difficult
+ Fixed more UI and pathfinding issues
+ Fixed issues relating to minefields
+ Changed lighting in a few systems and added more ways to make money from scanning
+ Rebalanced ship prices
+ Stations now display prices of items in their infoboxes
+ Mission waypoints now receive a best path instead of a straight waypoint
+ Losing items will stop events from happening
+ Added some new heavy weapons
+ Created some basic prefabs for wrecks
+ Added lighthouses and wrecks to the demo areas
+ Added more voicelines for NPCs
+ Mission enemies are marked as important, and important NPCs will never run like cowards
+ Added some quests and redid quest behaviors slightly (since they hadn’t been worked on in months)