The Mysterious Cat Tower

July 2019, Week 4

save point/rest system implemented, time to iron out some of the battle system's kinks

made some improvements to user feedback regarding card values

fixed some d*mn broken interactions, added some pauses in between some interactions

added a new resource type, removed crocodile

July 2019, Week 3

implemented deck menu part 1

implemented key items, changed dialogue system a bit

July 2019, Week 2

added consumable items

added a shop system, gonna link it to npcs tomorrow

changed shop's design a bit, finished implementing it

added some small things to the dialogue system

June 2019, Week 4

ported a dialogue system into the game

also just implemented interactions

implementing menus, the level up system, still need to finish some things to get it done but hopefully ill be done with it tomorrow

finally done with this fucking menus (for now), time to make all this shit functional

May 2019, Week 5

more fucking refactors, fixed some card object issues, made so cards can affect other cards, started workin on another song

April 2019, Week 3

been designing new cards and reworking some systems


>the last task you completed
just finished implementing tooltips for cards with effects and for effect icons as well
>the task you are working on now
probably gonna make some more music right now
>the next task in your backlog
make sure text spawns properly

April 2019, Week 1

made things less snappy, fixed a few things, removed nodeving

battles now start

battles are now winnable, also implemented blocking and made a rewards screen

rewards implemented, battles now end and go back to the overworld, enemy encounters die, penis got lost in the process

March 2019, Week 3

implemented different cards with different effects, will implement gay tomorrow

implemented gay, aint happy about it though, might rewrite how status effects work soon

some adjustments to how cards work, added drawing cards, a deck and a grave

enemies can take turns and attack

mana and discarding at the end of turns, i think this is functionally complete so ill probably spend most of my time on designing shit now

March 2019, Week 2

getting more of the basic interactions done, still have quite some stuff to implement

added more targeting types

some health and damage and healthbars and text