May 2019, Week 5



Pastaspace Interactive




+ Fixed some docking issues at certain station archetypes
+ Added additional developer console controls
+ Can swap between ships via the console
+ Changed some textures to read better
+ Fixed issue where asteroid fields were actually checking double their size
+ Fixed issue where keycodes weren’t matching up
+ Hooked up some graphical options
+ Changed some material sorting on asteroid fields
+ Did a bunch of kickstarter work
+ Fixed some graphical issues on ships
+ Failing to dock with a station no longer prevents the player from docking with other things
+ Redid missiles some more
+ Audio on stations now falls under ambient, rather than music
+ Renamed Station NPCs in the demo areas
+ Station UI now displays the names of NPCs and the services they offer
+ Shipdealers now show previews of the ship they’re selling
+ All races have appropriate dialogue lines for services
+ Game fades in when starting
+ Quest markers now get a best path, similar to the other waypoint systems
+ Dockable solars now have better processing for when to remove waypoints
+ Added a generic quest dialogue trigger, based on various aspects of the player
+ Added an initial starting quest, which gives the player some direction
+ Your active quest now displays your current objective in the UI
+ Mineable asteroids have a less annoying particle effect
+ Added hidden jumpholes to all demo systems, which connect the various locations
+ NPC dialogue processing on stations better
+ Gave a miniboss a way to fight back
- Decided to forgo having news stories and NPCs having conversations on stations for the demo. It’s a lot more work