January 2020, Week 1



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Fixed issue where the player couldn’t buy ships.
+ Fixed issues related to saving and some storm aspects.
+ Changed some coloring aspects on the navigation and contact UI.
+ Fixed issue with the customization UI not closing properly.
+ Fixed issue where stacked items couldn’t be transferred properly.
+ Changed camera settings for in-game thruster.
+ Fixed issue where the player’s current ship was getting damaged after just buying it.
+ Adjusted the speed and color settings of distant ships on lanes.
+ Fixed some grammatical errors
+ Changed some loadouts on certain ships to scale better.
+ Added a camera pullback effect, mostly for use on lanelines.
+ Player can now cancel out of fulldocking (when the cinematic stuff happens).
+ Changed docking on stations to be slightly more reliable.
+ Fixed issues where player could eject cargo from their ship on a station.
+ Fixed issue where text was blocking other text.
+ Fixed issue where the autopilot would randomly switch docks.
+ Fixed issue where a statue couldn’t be scanned.
+ Added generic highlighting box.
+ Fixed some errors when purchasing and viewing items to buy.
+ Ships without skills will no longer malfunction and several ships in quests now work properly.
+ Bigkill, assassination, and deaddrop missions now change their mission waypoints to read correctly.
+ Quests and missions now report any payouts on their completion.
+ Fixed some issues where skill settings would be too high.
+ Fixed cruise readout errors.
+ Fixed issues that prevented out-of-system waypoints from working.