Hack the F.B.I.

August 2021, Week 1

NPCs can type commands into their consoles and it doesn't interfere with the players console or vice versa
Recap anon pls reach out, someone found a problem with your site vestigialdev#8369

July 2021, Week 1

+ Changed how gpu buffers and windows work
- GUI prefabs broke
+ upgraded to Unity 2021.2 beta

June 2021, Week 4

+ ChangeDirectory
+ Dir
+ Startmenu kinda
+ Buddy messenger kinda
+ some soundeffect framework
- removed context switching

June 2021, Week 3

+ draggable resizable scrolling rect console window doesn't look awful
+ DIR and CD commands

June 2021, Week 2

Bought a desktop simulator on the asset store for its nice UI
Ripped it apart so it can be controlled by my existing code

June 2021, Week 1

"made" a converter to import script-based prefabs as DLL-based prefabs by stealing someone elses technique

November 2020, Week 3

- ripping out the UEFI pseudocompliance but keeping the general idea
+ collapse SEC/PEI/DXE into generic "Firmware" stage
+ implemented Device Tree for path-based events

March 2020, Week 1

+ Found out TypeManager has an Editor-only function for adding types after Initialize() has been called (TypeDependencyCache was causing problem)
+ Found a bug in the mod asset that got solved pretty quick
- Found out how [GenerateAuthoringComponent] works and why it isn't working for mod code, same with Lambda job generation code
+ Got SystemBase, IJobs and Components working in loaded mod code, just no codegen

January 2020, Week 1

Made a generic ValidParent system to enforce rules about what can parent to what in a given context

June 2019, Week 4

Color scheme system is working nicely

Old tangled code (especially IO.dll) ports to new system easily

one week to demoday, laddos

May 2019, Week 1

Made a Power system so computers won't function without power, and modders can add things like short circuits and USB killers

January 2019, Week 5

Made ProcessorSpec able to fulfill ProductName, so there will only be on scriptableobject to edit. Generic, so things can fulfill different requirements

January 2019, Week 2

+ Rebuilt a lot over the past couple weeks
+ Code generator
+ Simple directory system
+ Memory system
+ Latency system for memory access (L1 < L2 < L3 < RAM)
+ Spawn system
+ CPU Workload system
+ Learned to custom yield statement for coroutines that wait on an event
+ Workflow feeling really good

November 2018, Week 5

Found a way to have the main game use the Unity multithreading, but mods won't be able to use it

November 2018, Week 4

+ Started the mod loading system over
+ Set it up so the main engine can do multithreaded jobs (thanks Unity) but mods are still bound to deprecated .net 3.5

November 2018, Week 3

+ Code ripped apart to be more SOLID
+ Actually doing unit testing
+ Modders should be able to auto-run existing unit tests on the systems they're modifying

+ Figured out about a bug that causes the Unity Editor to crash
+ Learned about motherboards for simulating the computer systems
+ Test driven development is feeling comfy

October 2018, Week 2

+ Made a nice error display for broken mods
+ 1 year recap streak despite nodev bullying

October 2018, Week 1

+ Made an error dialogue when a mod can't be loaded
+ set up trello
+ muh recap streak