February 2020, Week 3



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Fixed issue with respawns
+ Gave chaff equipment an existence, and hooked up ammunition to the equipment.
+ Fixed some text errors.
+ Fixed issue with equipping items.
+ Fixed issue with photomode cancellations being weird.
+ Added rolling to the photomode UI.
+ Updated photomode looks.
+ Exiting a system when you have cargo available to be tractored will no longer show that cargo as valid.
+ Can no longer open the console while paused.
+ Switching tabs properly closes submenus in HUD windows.
+ Waypoints to undiscovered items now show themselves.
+ Fixed issue where best pathing wouldn’t work on low-distance waypoints.
+ Player-set waypoints more accurately show where to go and no longer have menu errors.
+ Redid offscreen indicators to work much much much better.
+ Atmospheres on planets with atmospheres work properly now.
+ NPC ships only flee now if they’re the sole surviving member.
+ Fixed tons of internal issues with NPC formations.
+ Docking at a lane or gate no longer slows the player before final entry.
+ NPCs now properly comment on wingman death, when it occurs.
+ Ammo is now a spectrum rather than a solid value, with a chance for no spawning with it on NPCs.
+ NPCs now only use mines when defending, and only use missiles when attacking.
+ Missiles now track targets more accurately. The fix for this was too dumb.
+ Began work on a new login system for multiplayer.
+ Made space billboard models.
+ Character UI now displays your stats before your reputation.
+ Properly saved player locations in multiplayer, including station status.





lua/love2d, photoshop

+ basic ecs framework
+ ui with custom markup/styling format
+ damped sine wave camera shake

UI now supports corner radii and data listeners

!Yandere Simulator




Unity, Blender

+ added some navmesh pathfinding with classroom/seat arrangements. The classroom is a prefab so i can actually spawn a lot of people.

I'll be doing schedules so that the AIs move to some certain rooms tomorrow. I dont know if i should make the game procedural to be honest. If i dont make it procedural i already have a vision on what the town would be.
Also you have choices if you want to murder people or some shit. Since you can actually win over the senpai by doing minigames (i will add algebra and programming questions in some subjects. So you really need to listen to the lessons)

Wish me luck. Im just doing it for the memes. And i actually have programming, art knowledge to some extent. Coding this on a potato so i will actually optimize.