September 2017, Week 2

+ Added camera panning when mouse in on the side of the screen
+ Fixed the siren's water spell
+ Worked on improving UI

September 2017, Week 1

+ Put the demo out!
- Had a lot of work that kept me busy this weekend, but
+ I'm now gonna play your demos! Keep up the good work!

August 2017, Week 5

- spent all week trying to fix multiplayer that got broken thanks to new scripts
- only 4 days to demo day and still lots to do

August 2017, Week 3

- Just made a couple more sprites
- no progress this week, on holiday with friends

August 2017, Week 2

+ Only 4 character spritesheets remaining to draw
+ Only 7 character animations remaining
+ Used some friends as gameplay testing guinea pigs
- Drawing makes me want to redo the entire menu/UI while I have more important stuff to do

August 2017, Week 1

+ I'm starting to enjoy making the new art
+ Almost half of the characters are redone
- I haven't coded anything in a while

July 2017, Week 4

+ Started working on new gamemode, nothing works yet
- Not much progress because it's summer and I'm a lazy motherfucker

July 2017, Week 3

+ More adjustments for balance
+ Redrawn some sprites
- Not much else, really

July 2017, Week 2

+ Changed some units' stats for balance
+ Rearranged the the costs and availability of units to make each race feel more unique
+ Hoplites are now the merfolk basic unit
+ Slavers are now the orc basic unit

July 2017, Week 1

+ Made some changes, according to demoday suggestions:
+ WASD/arrows camera panning
+ Fixed healthbars
+ To switch the selected unit, you can just click on it instead of bringing out the menu if it's the only option
+ Added an arrow that shows the path your unit will take before moving

June 2017, Week 5

+ demo day!
+ menus look neater now
+ fixed some minor bugs caused by skill activation
+ added healthbars, so you can better see the sate of the game at a glance

June 2017, Week 4

+ made a map editor, started working on additional maps
+ changed the Dwarf Queen's Totem summoning ability for balance purposes (no idea if it will actually help)
+ most skills have custom animations now
+ you can select the map you want both n single and multiplayer
+ new skill for the siren that will maybe make her more useful after the terrain is changed
+ almost ready for demo day

June 2017, Week 3

+ all the gameplay for the next demo day is done already
+ more new graphics
+ more particle effects
+ more bling
- still not enough bling

June 2017, Week 2

+ drawing,drawing,drawing
+ finished the skills in the merfolk roster
- not yet finished the custom art for them

June 2017, Week 1

+ figuring out how to make the interface more intuitive
- designing is hard
- couldn't make more time to work this week
+ fixed a couple bugs with the combat and a skill

May 2017, Week 4

+ drawn some skill buttons instead of using the warcraft ones
+ drawn soldiers for the new playable race
- all art and no code makes Norby a dull boy
- took some time off this to make a small game for monster jam

May 2017, Week 3

+ added orcs as a new playable race
+ new skill for the elven prince because he felt too weak
- need to change the way the sprites work with the new 2.5d view because the units clip on top of each other

May 2017, Week 2

+ changed graphics into a 2.5d kind of battlefield
+ Started working on a third faction
- procrastinated a lot

May 2017, Week 1

+ managed to submit a demo!
+ finally added music and sounds (placeholder, but better than not hearing anything)
+ played with another human for the first time. Got some feedback on how to make it more intuitive

April 2017, Week 4

+ Tutorial complete (but too much words and too little action)
+ Added a couple more skills
+ Want to have a demo ready for the demo day
- having a shitty internet connection, don't know if the connection problems i stumble upon are my fault or unity servers'

April 2017, Week 3

+ Solved a pathfinding bug that slowed the game down when the AI was thinking its next move.
+ A new active skill for the dwarven queen.
+ A tutorial is on the way.
- Thinking of reworking the entire interface from the ground up.

April 2017, Week 2

+ Solved most connection problems
+ AI now can choose what units to spawn
+ Fun to watch AI fight against itself