Legacy Code

September 2017, Week 4

+ In game menu to show all upgrades
+ Lizard tries to attack the player now, instead of just being random
+ Beetles dont walk off edges, shoot gas clouds instead of bullets
+ Tripwires are destroyable with bullets or explosions
- Adding special rooms to level generation is taking too long :(

September 2017, Week 3

+ Beetle attacks with its own projectile instead of grenades
+ Added a laser trip wire
+ Implemented a perk system because this is a roguelite
+ Made a tumblr
- posted nothing on tumblr

September 2017, Week 2

+ Beetle enemy: really big, lots of hp , shoots explosives
+ Revolver is a scifi laser gun now
+ Levels wrap around horizontally
+ Drones move slow to patrol and fast during alerts
+ Random balance changes

July 2017, Week 1

+ Hitboxes are frame perfect and player wins ties
+ Player always sprints
+ Game saves settings
- Refactoring some things took a while
- Summer classes started yesterday

June 2017, Week 5

+ Camera polish, holding up/down moves it
+ Redo player hud
+ Add some quick'n'easy help text to hud
+ Barrel polish, smoke etc, harder to hurt yourself with them
+ Remove spikes and most doors
+ New tutorial
+ Add super alpha not final music, some missing sounds
+ Refactor level generation
+ Add art for the starting room
+ Balancing (more player hp, frogs die in 1 hit, more drones in bigger buildings)
- Literally flip my sleep sched around by implementing all this at the last second
- Art guy out of town for a bit

June 2017, Week 4

+ Slide kick by pressing down and attack
+ Spikes implemented but don't spawn yet
+ Exploding barrels spawn in the levels
- Need music by demo day

June 2017, Week 3

+ Add a shitload of sounds
+ You can slam enemies into walls for more damage
+ Slide kick 101
+ Basic camera polish
+ New bg art
- Took a fat vacation from life

May 2017, Week 2

+ New drone art
+ Drones shoot bullets
+ Experiment with level spawn and exit being in middle
+ Less friction for upward wallslide
+ Add shotgun

May 2017, Week 1

+ Made it on time to DD14
+ Add controller debug commands
+ New dog art, new drone art
+ Experiment with better level generation
- no menus in time for DD14
- need to give feedback to others
- still finals week ):

April 2017, Week 3

+ Random polish and number tweaks
+ Refactor tiny amounts of code
- Went camping for a few days

April 2017, Week 1

+ Player has to collect keys to exit the level
+ Drones have a field of vision and a visualization of it
+ Add cute scanlines to terminal
+ Player persists between level changes
+ Weapon polish and tweaking
+ Work on new rooms
+ Doors work
+ Fix collision edge cases

March 2017, Week 5

+ Tutorial fleshed out
+ Different types of chests can spawn
+ Chests can drop random loot (just hp for now)
+ Polish bullets
+ New particles
+ Buildings have glass all over

March 2017, Week 4

+ Pausing
+ More console commands
+ Tutorial progress with art
+ Rebindable controls
+ Save controls
+ Gamepad support
- ds_map, ds_list, json, and arrays are terrible