Metanoia: The Sacrifice

March 2017, Week 3

+ New UI elements and art to spruce things up
+ New fonts to similarly spruce stuff up
+ Updated dependent packages to their present version, fixing some conflicts between them along the way
+ Act 2 is 1/3 finished
- Revising the introduction due to feedback concerning the plot's flow and character dynamics
- Still no new music tracks from my musician 6 weeks in now

March 2017, Week 2

+ New UI additions and fixes to the CYOA sections
+ Altered the UI for whenever your interact with objects/etc. to conform more to a VN standard.
+ Sketched out and am now modeling Shrine-related areas in Act 1
+ Lots of polish tweaks thanks to feedback from DD13 folks! (Thanks all y'all! A new build's up for those who want to see those tweaks over on itch)
+ Updated my script to handle the new versions of Adventure Creator, DSforU, and Ink.
- Some new bugs discovered in the menus and such, needs fixed
- First line of CYOA text is enormous due to not being adjusted properly to screen size. Still don't have a fix for this -- presently am just spitting out an empty line of text to adjust for it.

February 2017, Week 4

+ Added on to the art in the introduction
+ New music added to the game's title screen and to the surface world
+ Outlining Act 1 has begun
+ Added dialog between Iyu and Wu's Mother when Wu is returned
+ Added a few scenes
+ Adjusted where the narration/hint/lore dialogs go. Might revisit this later if I can figure out how to get the popup to not go outside the bounds of the screen.
+ Made the inventory rollover less dev-art
- The new art pieces call in to question some of the already typed up introduction. May need to rewrite/remove parts to fit it.

February 2017, Week 3

+ Act 1 Bridge in and working
+ Polished common UI components and broadened the type of tags the middleware supports
+ Produced some more ambient sounds for the game.
- Might scrap parts of the introduction's puzzle and CYOA section if I feel like they're overly burdensome/boring/grating to the plot.
- Spent a lot of time trying to find the best way to handle various threads in the intro's CYOA section which wound up being mostly wasted time.

February 2017, Week 2

+ resolved issues in various UIs throughout the game that were making progress in various places impossible
+ link-up between the adventure component and the ink component is fully up and running now - introduction is now technically completable and Act One's introduction is now introduced
+ portions of dialogue have been polished and extraneous bits have been removed, tightening up a lot of the flow of the introduction
- discovered a major bug in the traversal system; unsure of the root of it still and have yet to resolve it.
- puzzle part of the travel system doesn't feel fun to me anymore. considering scrapping it for some sort of overworld/map travel system - or an actual first person adventure mode ala Betrayal at Krondor
- lost several days of progress while I sought more information on the death of greenlight and the coming of direct

February 2017, Week 1

+ Got scaling text functional
+ New scene: Snowy fields
+ Ink Intepreter now sees calls for BGM and SE change, so I can change music/sounds and trigger events without having to break out of the context of writing in Ink.
+ Most of the introduction is now written
- I'm pretty behind schedule. Writing this introduction is taking more time than I thought it would.
- Definitely going to need to rewrite some of this. Lots of not very strong writing in here at the moment.

January 2017, Week 3

+ Game's plot is almost fully written now, fully integrating the ghostmonk story into it. You can read the outline for the new Prologue, which includes the hook into the Ghostmonk storyline, if you like here
+ Found a couple of time-saving techniques while painting my PNP RPG character's portrait this week. Should save me some time while doing further portraits for the game.
- No visual progress this week.

January 2017, Week 2

+ Wayfinder system now functional
+ Chose the sidequest before meeting Delgof
+ Concept art of the priestess of the old shrine is going steady
+ Concept art of the old shrine is also progressing nicely.
+ Polished some of the dialog, added hints/tutorials to help the player along with examine/use in the early game.
+ Some performance optimizations with the particle systems that leaves the snow fall still look mostly the same but saves a lot of frames
+ Framework for the ghostmonk sidequest (dialog, story, etc) is complete
+ Added ambient sounds to the snowy areas so the player can hear how windy Fyra is.
- Mistakes in my base logic cost me some time with the wayfinder system

January 2017, Week 1

+ Conversation systems implemented
+ 8 Scenes set up, 2 completed
+ Main Menu functional, working
+ Particle systems set up and polished
+ Finished rewrite on the game's plot and story
+ /- Switched to Unity. Switching to Unity took me a bit of time and a lot of money. Unity's letting me do stuff I wouldn't be able to easily do in Visionaire Studio.
- Still haven't submitted my shitty demoday entry. Holding out hope I can add enough to it that it lasts more than 2 minutes in the six hours(?) I have left to push it.

December 2016, Week 2

+ Greenlight entry's all typed up and ready to go
+ New Title Screen
+ Game has successfully switched over to 1920x1080 res; old source art is loading up fine and I'm re-exporting in batches.
+ New dialogue panel is completed
+ Art for main character finished, upscaled. Concepts for Delgof and other villagers is in-production
+ Fixed GameJolt page and removed prior build. Still available on for those who want to play it.
+ Jason Covenant might be producing the remastered soundtrack.
+ Fixed a lot of BGM/BGS errors in the scripting side of the game.
- Can't get myself to press the Publish button on the Greenlight entry

October 2016, Week 4

+ First five minutes is about ready to begin production, thanks to various art assets having been completed
+ Produced temporary ambient music for the game
+ Recruited some outside help for the game's soundtrack
+ Created a VOX filter to make it easier to voice act for Voshim
- Due to time constraints, I'm switching back to first person perspective gameplay to decrease development time required for art assets