Unknown World

March 2018, Week 4

+ Redoing super old character sprites
+ Finally finished an event I've been stuck on for a long time
+ Working on new dungeon
+ Planning out new story events, working on details of old ones I had outlines for
- just came off a long break

December 2017, Week 2

+ Made rest stop + some new tiles for forest dungeon
+ planning on finishing by the end of the week
+ added more class-based NPC interactions in towns
+ created first random NPC encounter on the overworld. Traveling merchant tries to sell you a weapon. You can trade or haggle for it if you have a merchant in your party.
- took too much time off as usual.

November 2017, Week 5

+ made sprites for floating rock and gravity switch
+ actually made that shit function properly
+ made some new enemies
+ small edits to forest dungeon tileset

November 2017, Week 3

+ Worked on getting dungeon gimmick to function
+ worked on dungeon layout
+ made sprite for boss monster
- need to do more

November 2017, Week 2

+ Restructuring my intro after getting some demo day feedback
+ Adjusted some shit like resolution, also based on demo day feedback
- That's it. Need to do more.

October 2017, Week 4

+ started mapping a dungeon
+ slight edits to tileset for that dungeon
- need further edits to tileset. screenshot says it all.
- nothing else. slow week.

October 2017, Week 3

+ More work on the pirate event. Came up with a third story branch.
+ just made some NPCs.
+ began mapping one of the next dungeons
- Dwarves are hard to make when you only have a 16x16 canvas.
- important border tiles in the forest tileset still need to be made.

October 2017, Week 2

+ Got progress done on both branches of next major story event.
+ created miniboss battle event
+ created a bunch of small events that may affect the main story events depending on your actions
- gonna have to get a normal job which will cut into dev time /blog

October 2017, Week 1

+ (mostly) completed sidequest I put on the backburner. Can't do the dance cutscene until music is made for it.
+ created some new enemy sprites
= Halfway finished with promo art
- not working hard enough

September 2017, Week 4

+ Mostly finished jungle tileset
+ Set up stats, movesets and distribution for a bunch of enemies
+ Created sprite for a new enemy and boss
- need to finish a sidequest I put on the backburner
- need to finish a story event.

September 2017, Week 3

+ Created new secret areas on the overworld
+ Writing more NPCs
+ Started new tileset for the jungle
- Spent too much time on my day job, not enough on this

August 2017, Week 4

+ Made stats and attack patterns for new monsters
+ Balance testing said monsters
+ Working on a new sidequest
+ Completed tileset for next major town

July 2017, Week 3

+ Did a bunch of bugfixing and uploaded a new demo version
+ Got a checkpoint system working. When you die you teleport to the last place you saved instead of just getting a game over
+ Wrote new dialogue for all the NPCs that react to the defeat of the first boss and created new NPCs with the framework for a town rebuilding sidestory
+ Began creating enemies and items for the next dungeon and overworld segment
+ Got a better font
- Uploaded a demo version that had a major text oversight regarding the new font and accidentally left in a playtesting tool that allowed players to level up instantly
- Didn't realize this for an entire day

June 2017, Week 5

+ made town tiles on the overworld match their actual layout
+ started a new tileset for a desert town
+ fixed a bunch of bugs, need to update demo soon
- making the oasis was a pain in the ass. Still might be too small
- need to ask around for more prop ideas