Vampire's Bit

October 2017, Week 1

+ Reworking a lot of code to test new features
+ Working on new animations and misc. art stuff
- I think bonus stage background ended looking too busy
- Splitting time with side project

September 2017, Week 3

+ Cleaning code and fixing bugs
+ I finally know how I want some of the new animations to look
+ Started designing more levels
- Nothing new to show this week
- Got invited to take part on a collab project, so I'll splitting my time with that

September 2017, Week 2

+ Started testing new level layouts
+ Everything working pretty well so far
+ Showed the game to someone IRL, got interesting feedback
- Spaghetti code everywhere
- I still suck at level design

September 2017, Week 1

+ Finished cleaning bonus stage background
+ Got rid of some old useless code
- Lowering the scope a little for the next demo
- Missed Demo Day

August 2017, Week 4

+ Working on new attack animations for Elzie
+ Got an interesting idea for bonus stages
+ Started designing a new background
- Progress is slowing down a lot thanks to unrelated issues

August 2017, Week 3

+ Replaced font
+ Fixed some fire related bugs
+ Added a small dance animation when clearing the level
+ Cleaned and tweaked some code
+ Started working on new attack/death animations
- Todo list is still too long
- Bad week, couldn't dev too much

August 2017, Week 2

+ Replaced most placeholders on backgrounds
+ Replaced placeholder fire animations
+ Changed fire mechanics: Now it stuns player for a little bit
+ Tweaked title screen graphics
+ Rewrote camera to work better with new level's layout system
+ Got rid of old, unused assets and code
- Todo list is still too long

August 2017, Week 1

+ Finished tweaking level generation code
+ Tweaks on villagers and hunters spawning system
+ Started replacing placeholder assets
+ Finished a new ending screen for the next demo
+ Slowly making more art
- Still a lot of placeholder stuff to replace
- Need to actually design more/better levels

July 2017, Week 4

+ Rewrote villagers' palette system
+ Made new walk cycle animations for male villagers
+ Changed villagers attack to something that works and looks better
+ Almost finished remaking some old and ugly graphics
+ Started working on new assets for different looking levels
- Villagers' attack still has a placeholder animation
- Level generation code needs some tweaking

July 2017, Week 2

+ Remade level creation code
+ Made river and houses modular giving me a lot of freedom
+ Added agressive AI for male villagers
- Placeholder animations look awful
- Need to tweak player/npc collisions
- Still need to figure out how to good level design

June 2017, Week 5

+ Focusing a lot on art this week
+ Still cleaning some tiles
+ Seems I found a way to add the colors I wanted to the palette
- Will have to redo some assets and some people will hate the changes
- Still unsure on how I want to organize levels
- Didn't code anything new

June 2017, Week 4

+ Finished male villagers spritesheet
+ Male villagers are now in game
+ Got some ideas for more level variation
- Not sure on how I'll organize those ideas
- Some big choices to make

June 2017, Week 3

+ Made a (hopefully) more readable font
+ Started cleaning up some background tiles
+ Made walking animations for a new NPC
+ Working on a proper end screen
- Haven't touched code at all
- I want to redo a lot of stuff
- Progress will be ridiculously slow

March 2017, Week 3

+ Polished new HUD layout. Still unfiinished though.
+ Testing a couple of new background tiles.
- Tempted to rework the day/night cycle effect again.
- RIP old HDD. Lost some time thanks to that.

March 2017, Week 1

+ Back on this after procrastinating a lot.
+ Small tweaks to the tripping-obstacles.
+ Started reworking HUD (again) to accomodate power ups.
- Started reworking HUD again.
- Will split my time between this and the campfire game.

January 2017, Week 2

+ Implemented small obstacles that will slow you down.
+ Coded restrictions needed for special villagers spawning.
- Progress is going super slow again.
- Lots of ideas for side projects I'm trying to avoid.

January 2017, Week 1

+ Started design work on new obstacles and level variations
+ Small tweaks on some old assets
- Missed Demo Day 12
- Got new GPU. This kills the dev.

December 2016, Week 5

+ Started working on new level layout system
+ Implemented new design for villagers
+ Implemented small visual variations on villagers
+ Everything is ready to add new stuff
- Will have to rework hud to implement power-ups
- Tempted to remake a lot of assets
- Probably will miss Demo Day 12

December 2016, Week 3

+ Sketching new layouts for levels
+ Reworking some sprites and backgrounds
+ Testing different day/night cycle effects
- Haven't coded anything new
- Probably will invest some time on sprites for TUSSLE

December 2016, Week 2

+ Made some tweaks on player's momentum
+ Fixed some issues with multiple input methods
+ Uploaded a small update to
+ Started planning how to approach new features

December 2016, Week 1

+ Fixed 3 game breaking bugs
+ Everything seems to work correctly
+ Uploaded new build to itch
+ Already received feedback on it
- No new content on new build
- Kinda burnt out after fixing so many things

November 2016, Week 4

+ Finished work on filters
+ Found and fixed 7 gamebreaking bugs
+ Small tweaks to gamepad
+ Added alternative hud for bonus stages
+ Hotfix update probably will be out this week
- Broke some stuff and took a huge amount of time fixing it
- I'm starting to hate the vampire hunter

November 2016, Week 3

+ More screen and gamepad related tweaks.
+ Lots of spaghetti removed.
+ Made a better Demo Screen.
+ Big performance optimization.
+ Fixed more of bugs.
+ Hotfix update almost ready
- Still unable to test xbox controllers.
- Test time taking more time than expected.
- At least 5 bugs I can't replicate yet.

November 2016, Week 2

+ Added some debug info/logging.
+ Added screenshot saving.
+ Recoded player spawn in a different way.
+ Changed sound engine again.
+ Tweaked resolution change code.
+ Tweaked some resources.
+ Fixed a lot of bugs.
+ Hotfix update almost ready.
- Lots of test time needed.
- At least 5 bugs I can't replicate yet.