Crystal Tower Defense

May 2018, Week 5

+ Last enemy in a wave now drops a Treasure (WiP)
+ Reworked enemies, now every enemy has its own class to make implementing custom behavior easier
- Not much progress overall

May 2018, Week 4

+ reworked how pathing works to allow more spawn variation
+ designed some new towers and enemies but havent implemented them yet
- will probably change the gamename to something more exciting
- 32°C heat makes progress really slow

May 2018, Week 3

+ Reworked some towers and effects
+ New portal effect
+ Added ability bar
+ New chronosphere ability
+ Tower autofire functionality
- So much to do (sounds, enemies, balance, ...)

May 2018, Week 2

+ Added a green crystal type(allows placing traps on enemy path)
+ Reworked buildingsystem
+ Added damage/armortypes
- Todo list getting longer and longer

May 2018, Week 1

+ Decided to release very rough demo for DemoDay
+ Changed all circles to rectangles
+ Reworked BuildingSystem to allow interconnection of rectangles
- Have to redo a lot of particle effects

April 2018, Week 4

+ Added crystal types (energy, fire, basic)
+ Made a ton of new particle effects
+ Added slime enemy type
+ Added some random ass SFX and music i found on the internet
- Wish i had some soundguy so i didnt have to use free SFX (they all suck)
- Not enough gameplay for demo day, m-maybe next time

February 2018, Week 4

+ New map
+ Map loading
+ Arrow Tower
+ A lot of new particle effects
- No sound or music yet

January 2018, Week 2

+ Added more particle effects and juice
+ Added Ability bar
- Prototyping new feature that allows buffing towers with various effects
- Progress overall really slow

December 2017, Week 3

+ Added Vector Targeting
+ Started working on Special Abilities that will use Vector Targeting

December 2017, Week 2

+ Found a name&theme for the game
+ Implemented all basic towers functionality
+ Started working on new features (abilities, better wave spawning)
+ Created some particle effects
- Making UI in Unity is most boring and demotivating thing ive ever experienced

August 2017, Week 5

+ Tower Upgrades
+ Tower Perks
+ Basic UI
+ Ragdoll for Enemies
+ Basic Game Cycle (Spawn Wave, Wait, ...)
- Basically back end is almost done
- Still a shit ton of bugs, gold resource not implemented, no content besides 1 tower, no sound/music