December 2017, Week 3

+ Worked on lighting pipeline of scenes
- Need to speed up the speed of work, too less dev in a week

November 2017, Week 5

+ New com device is drawn
+ Worked on how to implement com devices
+ Started working on a new scene
+ Talked/Designed lots of stuff about the game story.

November 2017, Week 4

+ Game map completed
+ Stripper animation completed
+ Started working on stripclub scene
+ Speaking animation for main char
+ Laughing animation for main char
+ Created a demonstration scene for icon adventure features, walk, look, interact.

November 2017, Week 3

+ Halfway done with the map.
+ Idle animations for the main char.
+ Walking animation for the main char.
+ Demo content discussed and noted.
+ Game design doc updated, more technical detail is added.
- Still not done with the map.

November 2017, Week 2

+ Finished drawing a quarter of the game map.
+ Draw two new NPC avatar.
+ Draw two new phone.
+ Developed new ideas about game map and usage of phones.
- Needed to finish the map already.
- A couple of new backgrounds for the demo.