Fauna Wars

February 2018, Week 4

+ pretty much solved depth ordering
+ tried out art a little. fumbling around but it helps with motivation. trying to delve into Krita's brushes
- not much difference from last week really. need to put all elements back together.
- then need to start working on map saving/loading in the editor

February 2018, Week 3

+ I don't really remember actually.
+ more tests.
+ obstacles auto-placement almost works. just need more testing to be sure.
- now I need to put all those tests together back into the original project.
- still having second thoughts about Godot.
- I realize I'll have to make a better level editor in C++ or something one day anyway.

February 2018, Week 2

+ brushes to paint obstacles on the map work
+ test for placing obstacle sprites based on the tiles works
+ test for depth ordering works.
- object activating/deactivating behaving weird. can't tell if it's me or GM.
- art is pain. seriously though, intended to paint the tiles, don't wanna half-assedly go back to 3D, but maybe I'm being unrealistic.

February 2018, Week 1

+ first recap
+ on it for months (not full time), lots of notes
- not much to actually show
+ went back to the technical basics, realized I has no choice but to make a map editor, working on that
+ reading Tiled maps, will use them for base ground
+ painting "obstacle" & "free" tiles
+ pan & zoom
+ started planning out all map objects IDs to save maps in a custom format
- to do : saving & loading maps
- having second thoughts about how much of a clone it is
- I like thinking of characters, but story is hard