Tiny Combat Redux

May 2018, Week 5

+ Target brackets for padlocking
+ A lot of UI experimentation
+ Tried a bunch of different fonts
+ UI looks kinda bloomy and sorta vectory but not really
+ Animation driven button
+ Mouse that changes depending on when it's over something interactive
- I'm padding out this change log because all I did was UI investigation

May 2018, Week 4

+ Experimented with sound mixing and low pass filters on distant sounds
+ Removed TrueSky, a lot of experimentation with alternative fog solutions
+ Weapons now dynamically loaded instead of baked into aircraft prefab
+ External fuel tank to MiG-21 and created fuel tank class
+ Toggleable HUD only camera
+ Camera padlocking along with appropriate HUD cues
- Slow progress this week due to real life issues
- Camera free-look may need a re-write to fix the sudden snap when cancelling padlock

May 2018, Week 3

+ Armor and penetration system for units and munitions respectively
+ Falcon style Smart Scaling applied to aircraft
+ Situational Awareness markers show name, distance, and faction
+ Markers move along edge of screen when off screen
+ Weapon racks for external storage and launching of munitions
+ New rocket and rocket launcher models
+ Aircraft now aware of and can fire weapons
+ Vehicle turrets and weapons added back in
+ Big expansion of Vehicle AI to give them a simple attack mission
- Bugs present in marker system during ground battles
- Unity Editor has been crashing a lot since vehicle turrets were added
- Vehicle AI works, but is still very specialized and unusual
- Performance problems in large battles?
- Sound mixing is very bad during large battles

May 2018, Week 2

+ Added support for bombs and rockets
+ Added pod launcher
+ Modeled Fab-250 bomb, S-5 rocket, and UB-16-57 rocket launcher
+ Support for multiple launch points on pod launcher
+ Played with visibility systems for aid in distant spotting
+ Added splash damage and impact damage to bombs and rockets
+ Ground vehicles added back in
+ Tank fire effect added when tanks at critical damage
- Vehicles don't have turrets/weapons yet
- Vehicle AI is in a bad place and very different from aircraft AI

May 2018, Week 1

+ Added mouse controls
+ Targeting system used for situational awareness system
+ Generic HUD for use on all planes
+ Complete rewrite of AI to use Mission/Behavior/Action system
+ Patrol and None mission fleshed out
+ Added F-105 and selectable aircraft from main menu
+ AI terrain avoidance
+ Released demo

April 2018, Week 4

+ Arena button in main menu works
+ AI can spawn in groups
+ AI has route, follow, and attack missions
+ HUDs are now built out of small generic tools
+ Crusader has unique HUD
+ Experimented with blender-osm created maps
+ Added MiG-21
+ Fleshed out Arena map with multiple groups
+ Debug tools for routes/waypoints
- My AI is on fire and not expandable at all

April 2018, Week 3

+ Aircraft damage and damage states
+ Guns are fully working again
+ Added F-8 Crusader
+ HUDs configurable per plane
+ Basic route following and dogfighting AI
+ Aircraft gib into aircraft bits when destroyed
+ Flyby sounds working again
- Lost a week of progress due to moving

March 2018, Week 5

+ Spent the past couple weeks writing a design doc
+ Spent last week prototyping technology for metagame
+ Started porting Tiny Combat to 2018
+ Created multiple scene loader
+ Swanky looking main menu
- A LOT still needs to be ported, and it will be a very partial/selective port
- Still too many design details not nailed down
- I'm in way over my head and this is going to crash and burn

March 2018, Week 1

+ Demo day build released!
+ Multi-lock launcher and "Macross" style guidance missile added
+ Added mobile anti air tank
+ Ground vehicles can now fire weapons and can be destroyed
+ Added particle effects and sound effects to almost everything
+ Air brake to slow down faster
+ Tons of little bug fixes
+ Padlock camera

February 2018, Week 4

- Wasted about a week rewriting launchers and targeting almost completely from scratch
- That was a lot of time
- Don't rush important core functionality for demos is maybe the lesson I learned there
+ Missile functionality greatly expanded to include locking and more complex seekers
+ Only one launcher per weapon type now
+ Launchers can have pylons which allow for placement of more weapons per weapon
+ Aircraft sensor can now target multiple targets
+ All targeting information is now controlled by the sensor
+ HUD back end rewrite so that only one sensor is passing targeting information to the HUD
+ Sensor can lose target if out of range
+ Swapping between weapon sets now actually works right
+ Finally in a place where I can start writing new features and making progress again

February 2018, Week 3

+ Ported missiles and launchers from old pack I made
+ Created polygon based particle effects for missiles
+ Targeting system and related HUD components
+ Fire control can cycle between different weapon types
+ Dual camera rig so that near shadows look sharp while retaining high draw distance
+ Ammunition count for all weapons
+ NPC tank with turning turret and basic go to AI
+ Refactor to get target locking work
- Missiles and targeting are in a state right now that's not expandable. It's tempting to rewrite launchers from scratch to better support my ideas for locking.
- Have to consider letting the above go to make demo day, but have really boring weapons.