Tiny Combat Arcade

November 2018, Week 5

+ Added radar for better situational awareness
+ Enemy missiles show up as flashing red circles
+ Radar tracks change color depending on what side they're on
+ Converted all input to use Rewired for more robust feature set
+ Added controller rumble based on camera shake
+ Added free look using right thumbstick to first person and third person
+ Free look can also be used with mouse by holding free look key

November 2018, Week 3

+ Ran some preliminary tests for using ReWired in 2018.3, seems promising
+ Released a build for demo day!
+ Target boxes show distance, type, score, and priority
+ Built the free mission terrain and map
+ AI aircraft formalized with a bunch of different variants
+ Pause menu
+ Engine sounds with flybys
+ Lead computing gunsight
+ Pre-mission briefing screen
+ Added missions 1 and 3 for the arcade mode, act as pseudo-tutorials
+ Mouse controls polished up a tiny bit

+ Added third person camera
+ Toggle between first and third person
+ Dynamic camera motion based on accelerations and angular velocities

+ Added animating control surfaces

October 2018, Week 4

+ Cool trail for missiles
+ Results screen post-mission
+ Muzzle flashes for all guns
+ Limited gun ammo + ammo counter on HUD
+ Main Menu to start different mission sequences
+ Wobbly missiles because they look cool
+ Visuals for high score scoreboard
+ Player death means seeing the high scores and then going back to main menu
+ Game is "completed" at end of mission sequence
+ Added audio for missiles
- Crunching for Demo day/Finish a Fucking Game
- Took Friday off to help finish game

October 2018, Week 3

+ Put everything in a git repository
+ Added SAM tank
+ AI ground vehicles can fire guns and missiles at player
+ "Below radar" mechanic added so player can fly under SAM site radars
+ Line of sight to launcher optionally required for SAM to keep homing on player
+ Added missions with start, mission targets to destroy, and time limit
+ Score counter and "combo meter" to keep track of score during a mission
+ Different scores assigned to all AI units
+ Little things to make "mission making" easier
+ Camera shake component, currently only used for shake when firing weapons
+ 3D arrow to point towards off screen enemies
+ WIP score screen
+ Added models for the player jet and all missiles the game will use
- Somehow I have to finish this game in 9 days

October 2018, Week 2

+ Tutorial island map along with terrain workflow experiments
+ Damage system so that vehicles can explode
+ Added ground vehicles (tank and anti-air tank)
+ Burst fire guns
+ AI ground vehicles can fire at the player
+ AI uses rewritten "zeroing" system
+ When AAA fires on the player, it becomes more accurate the longer they are in range.
+ Explosion effects

October 2018, Week 1

+ Started
+ Flight model done using physics wings + re-used arcadey code and own drag model
+ Guns and missiles
+ Finally a reliable way to do bullet spread
+ Lots and lots of prefab funnery with 2018.3
+ Enemy plane that uses its own set of physics
+ AI to fly at a target and shoot at it with its gun
+ AI walks fire in because it's more fun and looks cooler that way