Escape the Breach

December 2018, Week 1

+ Basically finished mech model
+ Got mech into gameplay as WIP
+ Started sculpting a boss alium
+ Came up with some more combat and animation concepts
+ Only a few more weeks til I have 2 weeks holidays to work on game full time

November 2018, Week 5

+ Worked on cel shading some more (again)
+ Started modeling main character, got him/her to detailing stage
+ Did some RnD on quick retopology and auto-UVing hard surface in Zbrush & Houdini (works well)
+ More motivated overall

November 2018, Week 4

+ Remade cel shading setup to be tri-color and still use roughness etc
+ Got rid of pixelization effect
+ Remade most FX to be cartoony with mesh particles and alphas
+ Added gibbing vertex abunatuib effect on kill (blood coming)
+ Added 'zoom in' for over the shoulder shooting
+ Slowly nailing down colour palette
+ Decided on probably going for a mech as main character
+ Learned a bunch of Niagara

November 2018, Week 3

+ Implemented basic AI
+ Modeled, rigged and animated placeholder alien model
+ Changed a bunch of shit
+ Tightened controls some more
+ Decided on a direction for artstyle

October 2018, Week 4

+ Relearning Zbrush
+ Planning more gameplay and story elements
+ Researching procedural anim with IK for aliens
- Still shit at Zbrush/sculpting

October 2018, Week 3

+ Expanded on gameplay
+ Enemies fire projectiles now
+ Added some visual interest and particle effects
+ Tightened up controls
+ Made a Trello and began task list

October 2018, Week 2

+ Made prototype of gameplay
+ Explored and implemented physical animation
+ Came up with story/setting concept