May 2019, Week 1

+ finished monster run animation
+ finished monster basic attack 1
+ new minion character design
+ new flag bearer character design
+ found a composer

do people even do these anymore

February 2019, Week 1

+ adjusted cathedral art lighting and colors
+ vast improvements to the character hitbox editor including a standalone system planned on being sold on the unity store
+ starting to set up a wordpress website
+ fixed collision issue involving guarding and blocks

January 2019, Week 3

+ made progress designing a navigation system for platforming AI
+ AI enemies can also ledge climb, climb ladders, and will not shuffle off the edges of platforms during combat
+ working on new and improved hitbox manager with clickable boxes
+ improved knight attack animation
+ basic art for new cathedral level

January 2019, Week 1

+ added some more background art assets
+ worked on concept art for new areas
+ tinkering with platforming AI

December 2018, Week 2

+ finished most of the basic combat animations which amounted to 4 months of work
+ lighting system improvements
+ working on platforming AI
+ updated the design document and skill tree
+ improvements to background art

November 2018, Week 5

+ fantastic new lighting system
+ small changes to the prison's background art to adapt to the new lighting
+ the sentry's lantern light is no longer a placeholder
+ finished a lengthy attack animation for the bounty hunter
+ twitter is starting to pick up steam
- can't figure out why additive lighting doesn't show up sometimes

November 2018, Week 2

new monster form design, new halberdier design & attack animation, new hunting dog design, finished archer knockback animation, fixed color palette issues

October 2018, Week 4

+ Added placeholder UI
+ Added a stamina system
+ Guarding against hits works properly now
+ Polished several enemy animations
- im fuckin sick