RAD Ross

March 2017, Week 2

+ Made Demo Day 13
+ Started fixing some control bugs
+ Adding some much needed juice
- Considering dropping game but recycling code to revive an older project.

March 2017, Week 1

+ Title screen & options menu
+ Exploding barrels
+ Switches for puzzles
+ DD13 demo worked on, almost there.

February 2017, Week 4

+ Did some polishing for the homing bullets so they no longer look like homing turds.
+ They also angle with their direction better.
+ Written some ideas down including designs for the space ships exterior.
+ Added a new shop
- Need to 'tweet' more & add some things to website

February 2017, Week 3

+ Fixed an animation glitch that was 'bugging' me
+ Some level editing for the space shootem up levels
+ Made a 'to do' list
+ Some polishing to levels
+ Background editing

February 2017, Week 2

+ Started working on the 'shootem up' portion of the game
+ Designed the exterior of the space ship
+ Now with 60fps!

February 2017, Week 1

+ Did some more work on the map system, it now shows the room you're in.
+ Started working on another stage.
- Thats it really.

January 2017, Week 4

+ Did some work on a map system.
+ Decided to make things such as the slide or running unlockables.
- Glitch where the main character stops animating is present and no luck finding out how to change it yet.

January 2017, Week 3

+ Variable jumping(I thought I already added variable jumping, turns out I didn't)
- Character briefly switches to his idle stance when reaching the summit of jump.
- That's all I've done because I work a full time job and get lazy after work. Let's change that and make DDay13.

January 2017, Week 2

+ Been addressing a lot of problems people had with feedback
+ Fixed pausing, you can now pause outside first room
+ 'esc' gives the option to automatically close the game
+ started working on allowing the player to define their own keys
+ some graphical polishing and such

January 2017, Week 1

+ More work on the shop
+ More work on NPC's
- Need to look into adding Delta time, 60fps and other things to make the game more fun
- Needs a lot of polishing
- Needs its own sound and music.

December 2016, Week 5

+ Added Dialogue for NPC's
+ Added a sliding mechanic
+ Added like 4 new weapons
+ Some work on backgrounds

December 2016, Week 4

+ Added more weapons
+ Added several enemies
+ some NPC sprites
- Started working on a boss but its not going so well