Whimp the Bold

August 2017, Week 3

+ Made a new possession shader and feel like a shader god
+ Improved Whimp's run cycle
- Still procrastinating doing background and environmental work

June 2017, Week 5

+ Demo Released
+ Norm Clap attack in
- crashes popping up from Demo Day that I can't replicate or imagine why theyre happening
- Still can't into level design

June 2017, Week 4

+ Showed my game off at a convention, met some streamers and got lots of feedback and love
+ Won a big award that came with money and social media promotion
+ Demo actually mildly stable by the end of the con, so good start for demo day
+ Super Best Friends Play mentioned it
- Every day at the con started off rocky with crashes and shit, super stressful
- Still haven't finished background art fully
- people now have expectations irl

June 2017, Week 2

+ Been working hard for an upcoming convention
+ Monkey enemy design + animations + gameplay
+ Early beginnings of a level-editor like thing
- So much to do before this convention
- Took forever revising a run animation

May 2017, Week 2

+ Created page-turn pause effect
+ improved shadows so they actually match the player sprite
+ learned GameMaker primitives to handle both of those
+ cleaned up and implemented a new depth system
+ Added optional player help text to HUD
+ Numerous stability and bug fixes from Demo Day
- One character's shadows are behaving weirdly and I don't know why

April 2017, Week 2

+ Added a landing squish for juice
+ Solid bout of idea guying and planning bosses/characters
- Haven't been working much on this, been focusing on getting better at pixel art in general and have been practicing a shit ton

March 2017, Week 2

+ Made a small demo
+ Got through feedback for half the games
- immeditaely vacationing after Demo Day
- probably won't have time to get through feedback for the other half before its too long since Demo Day

February 2017, Week 4

+ Tightening up movement with skidding
+ Made a game for a jam
- took a week off
- got a shitton to learn about how to make Gamemaker do my bidding on a more advanced level

February 2017, Week 1

+ Made a nice animation for Norm transition and loving it
+ learned about keyframes in the process
- slow progress because I'm trying out GMS2 for the Betajam
- Botched recap

January 2017, Week 4

+ Major progress on forest environment
+ Finally made a fucking shader that works well for foreground transparency
+ might make a tutorial for it

January 2017, Week 3

+ Made a new ground tile, started figuring out a direction I like for the forest
+ Improved the camera system so it can navigate in more ways
+ Implemented an shield that prevents stronger enemies from being absorbed in one hit
- Still trash at shaders, and even after thinking I had a breakthrough I was wrong

January 2017, Week 1

+ Demo Day 12
- Last minute as fuck
+ But I made it, maybe one day I'll get it in on time

December 2016, Week 5

+ Finished Norm and Reece enemy behaviors
+ Made progress on a new forest background layer
+ Finished title logo
+ Put in lamp enemy
+ tons of dev time
- Level design for demo day will be rushed as always

December 2016, Week 4

+ Finally back to devving because of winter break
+ Gave Smithen a functioning attack and animations
+ Added 1 way platform functionality
+ Added more animations for new Lamp enemy
+ Continued working on environment
- Still really struggling to make cohesive environments

December 2016, Week 2

+ Worked on some music
+ Made a nice punching animation for Norm
- school semester finishing up, so very little time to dev

November 2016, Week 4

+ Made a desert background
+ Implemented different scaling for certain levels
+ Added smooth transitions for doors, learning about surfaces
- Back at school, finals will kill dev
- Have to change Whimp design a bit, but struggling to make it cute and not sad

November 2016, Week 3

+ Completed new run animations and gameplay for Masquerdae enemy
+ On break from school so more dev time
- still know jackshit about soundfonts or shaders

November 2016, Week 2

+ got dark half of the mask enemy working
+ learned how to download and use soundfonts
- Still can't actually use soundfonts and music seems like a more hopeless endeavor now

November 2016, Week 1

+ Made a new blacksmith sprite and animated
+ Got aseprite, animating is easier now
- Demo won't be very meaty

October 2016, Week 4

+ Gameplay for Swinging enemy feels nice and juicy
+ Placeholder animation is growing on me
- Dev is still minimal because of school work
- Need to design a logo

October 2016, Week 3

+ Messed around with physics to JUICE it up
+ Finally made a jumping and falling animations that make sense
+ Largely fixed wonkiy collision masks that were causing glitches
+ All my state machine improvements are really paying off
- dev and school interfere