55 Days

June 2022, Week 5

- fixed resolution problems(hopefully) also can zoom further out
- added ambient
- added grid hotkeys
- added music
- added custom sprite for menu buttons
- added a tutorial sprite of Sir MacDonald
- added Bonus level
- added progression
- lots of bugfixes

May 2022, Week 4

- added a flag as the main objective to defend with some HPs
- added suicide button/refund garrison button
- Improved movement system
- Improved spawn system
- speed upgrades now apply to already moving units
- added level 9 with a new gamemode
- added Qing rifleman enemy

May 2022, Week 1

- added new game mode
- added levels 5 to 8
- reworked line system
- added different line sprites for clarity
- added sprite indicating line direction
- added scrollrate option
- changed mover area color and line color to indicate movement options
- added militia leader (2 versions)
- lots of bugfixes
- added options to pause menu
- added hotkeys for selection UI (q|e)
- added new Main Menu art
- added new UI theme
- added tutorial
- added controls quick guide on the main menu

- Fixed the game handling different resolutions poorly (I think)
- Made some UI elements bigger
- Added a bigger UI theme for fullscreen mode
- Added an icon to garrisons for better visibility
- Lowered the first speed upgrade cost to 50

- improved moving system

April 2022, Week 2

- Added Sprites for Japanese soldiers & officers
- Added audio
- Added audio options
- Added 2 levels
- Added a Ticker/Notification system
- minor sprite fixes

March 2022, Week 5

+ added on-screen warning to show direction of incoming waves
+ added mouse panning
+ moved all on-map buttons to the UI
+ removed the option to control officers
+ added Jumbo to the game
+ added endless mode
+ added easy mode
+ added "ready up" button to start the first wave when the player wants
+ added another level (way easier, meant as an introduction to the game)

March 2022, Week 2

+ added an extra line in front of the spawn
+ slightly improved tutorial
+ added placeholder icons when upgrading defensive positions

- added the ability for squads to swap place
- made some UI text bigger
- fixed a bug preventing the player from upgrading defensive positions at first try

- fixed a bug that caused lines to not be considered free if their occupying squads died
- fixed a rare bug where militia squads occasionally failed to hit their targets when braced (the first wave should be easier now)

March 2022, Week 1

- added militia squad
- added defensive positions

- Added tooltips
- Added tutorial

February 2022, Week 3

+ Added Americans
+ Fixed idle animations

+ Added hitbox to buildings
+ Added dust effect when hitting buildings
+ added cost to all upgrades

February 2022, Week 2

+ Added Legations upgrade menu
+ Added speed, bullet penetration, reload speed, unit HPs and barricade upgrades

+ added legation garrisons upgrades
+ added cheer animation for spear-wielding boxers
+ added scrolling zoom

February 2022, Week 1

+ Reworked Player aim system
+ Added edge panning for camera
+ Added click-based movement system

Added Boxer fanatic enemy

January 2022, Week 4

+ Added Maxim HMG team
+ Added new sprites for rifle and pistol bullets
+ Added penetration to rifle bullets
+ Reworked Enemy Mob system to have a more vertical spread