March 2018, Week 3

+ Almost finished porting to Godot 3.x
+ Added a Training Room
+ Freeze Godot 2.1 demo, if somebody wan't to test it send me a dm at kemonogames twitter or facebook
+ Working on some surprises
- (?) Still fixing a bug with sound noise in 3.x
- (?) Reflection shader is broken

February 2017, Week 4

+ All usable bombs finished
+ LUT based color grading effect for jackpot
+ Added transition shader based in greyscale maps
+ Killed speed power up
+ Added a hold button for speed change
+ Now Player drop all power ups when is killed
+ Hidden fruits appears from a hidden chest now
+ Greatly increased the value of change the side of Animal Spirit (aka force) by limiting the back angle of orbit from options (from 180 to 135 degress), and all power ups change side when animal spirit is attached
+ Many Bugfixes and QoL changes. So the player should be in beta
- Too much progress, I should sleep more

February 2017, Week 3

+ Start the transition to new art style
+ Red bomb powerup
+ Blue bomb powerup
- Put a minus symbol because I can

February 2017, Week 1

+ Added Spread weapon
+ Added Normal weapon
+ Added 3 Missiles weapon
+ Half of Homing weapon finished