May 2019, Week 4



Pastaspace Interactive




+ Added collision processing handlers for distant objects, which turns off collision on far-away objects
+ Suns no longer fade when facing away from them
+ Restored UI hiding
+ Added LODs to distant objects
+ Scanning for distant objects now won’t set duplicates if multiple solar children are detected
+ Added scanned item info. Special scanned objects, when their data is sold, give out info on that object. Scanning an object will now inform the player when they’ve scanned said data.
+ NPCs now correctly talk about the thing they’re targeting
+ Added intermediate docking for when the player docks with a station, orbiting them around it
+ Added intermediate pathfinding for NPCs, allowing them to travel around stations
+ Dying in game will now clear any data loaded onto your ship (but not committed to the archives)
+ Finished writing all tutorials
+ Ships will now wait in line at stations, docking code has been changed to now direct ships to the nearest open dock ports and deny access if none are available
+ Fixed issue where pausing on a station wouldn’t free the mouse
+ Player saves now track loaded scanning data
+ Chapterhouses at select stations now let you sell and view info on sold data
+ Player can now save, console and load into stations
+ Fixed issue where NPCs docking at stations would sometimes warp the player
+ Added FOV sliders for individual cameras
+ Player can swap out windows
+ Added 3D icons for ships, when previewing ships
+ Added some more stations