Monospaced Lovers

July 2021, Week 2

+ Debugged some boss battle issues
+ NPCs can now wear accessories
+ Fixed issues with the Rewired input mapper
+ Started QAing ch1 to prepare for the next update
+ Implemented a wavedash easter egg (not required for any part of the game, but it's more fun than mashing dash)

July 2021, Week 1

+ Made item throw more precise
+ Fixed bugs with timescale
+ Fixed bugs with boss battles that occur outside the normal flow of the game
+ Changed NPC controls a little bit to make it easier to move them around during cutscenes

June 2021, Week 4

+ Sheepish Slime now reacts if you try to bomb her house
+ Replaced most OnCollision events with something that works cleanly with the new kinematic controller
+ Improved random tile so that it doesn't place identical tiles as neighbors
+ Improved NPC AI that was causing trouble in a specific sidequest

June 2021, Week 1

+ Converted the carriable items to Kinematic and adjusted their physics a bit
+ Got this stupid seesaw working
+ The other Dynamic rbodies in the playground are working decently, but I don't want to spend much more time there
+ Contributed to the Recap Revival Project

May 2019, Week 4

Added clothing accessories + some lighting effects at sunrise/sunset

March 2019, Week 1

Received idle anims for the various creatures, and updated the DD25 build with a few bugfixes.

January 2019, Week 5

Made a spellcard effect, and gained a new appreciation for Touhou's graphics, never mind the art.

October 2018, Week 3

+ Finished chapter 1 dungeon
+ Received the default ground/grass tiles from artist
+ Did a bit of UI work on the Equipment radial menu
- Not sure how many things are broken for Demo Day

October 2018, Week 1

+ Finished 4 out of 5 rooms in the first dungeon
+ Improved projectile code to make my level design workflow easier
- Won't have time to finish the first boss before Demo Day, but the rest of the level should be complete

September 2018, Week 1

+ Bug-free DD release, as far as I can tell
+ Received first draft of idle animation from the artist
+ Fixed some obscure bugs with the day/night cycle
- Realized that my font doesn't scale properly at all resolutions
- Also realized I need to fix the logo, as some anons pointed out

August 2018, Week 5

+ VN-style sprites for MC and first NPC are finished
+ Replaced some shitty sounds with better sounds
+ Added BGM fading/ducking for certain situations
- Missed recap for a few weeks, but progress was made nonetheless
- Art delays
- Not quite done with QA for DD22

July 2018, Week 3

+ Done with DD21 bugs
+ Added some UI polish
- Lost some time to mundane save/load issues
- UI/UX design is still difficult

June 2018, Week 3

+ Resumed dev work after taking a break for another project
+ Wrote a chara design doc for the artist
+ Made an NPC tanuki and slime that walk back and forth
- Lost some time daydreaming about "creative" decisions (planning out art and environments)

April 2018, Week 3

+ Added a bunch of sound effects
- Realized it's difficult to edit stock sound effects into loops
- Need to multitask with another project for the next month or two

April 2018, Week 2

+ Made the first 5 mins of gameplay
+ Finished debug room!
- Got writer's block'd right at the start
- Power/internet outage this morning due to April snowstorm

April 2018, Week 1

+ Made a simple text scrambler for certain NPCs (you'll see)
+ New, less annoying death animation
+ Started fixing projectile system
- Realized projectile system was poorly coded and doesn't cater to too many use cases
- Also realized that bullet hell patterns are complicated, so I'll probably leave that 'til later

March 2018, Week 5

+ Started fixing up text message system
+ Created NPC controller, so I can now move NPCs via script for cutscenes
+ Made title screen and intro cutscene
- Still don't have an elegant solution for the tutorial so I'm just using the generic floating key prompts
- Haven't stress tested NPC movement at all, so there are probably edge cases I haven't noticed yet

March 2018, Week 4

+ Made decision prompts and a simple branching dialogue system
+ Cleaned up my save/load code so that it's not entangled with anything else
+ Made stage select screen
+ Found a bunch of image effects I can use instead of re-implementing the wheel
- Overall UI design is still questionable

March 2018, Week 3

+ Debugged VN-style dialogue system
+ Added functionality to text message system
- Text message system is still half broken
- Need to make sure my save files can track all of this text

March 2018, Week 2

+ Finished debugging dialogue boxes
+ Converted all tiles to Unity tilemaps
+ Figured out how to use Inkscape
- Still need to add text effects a la Paper Mario

March 2018, Week 1

+ Started deving again for the first time in months
+ Switched to Unity's new built-in tilemapper
- Spent a long time fiddling with Collision2D objects

March 2017, Week 4

+ Fixed save/load bugs
+ Game now works at any window size (auto letterboxing)
- Thought really hard about a title