July 2019, Week 4

The Mysterious Cat Tower


Blue Fairy





save point/rest system implemented, time to iron out some of the battle system's kinks

made some improvements to user feedback regarding card values

fixed some d*mn broken interactions, added some pauses in between some interactions

added a new resource type, removed crocodile



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Changed some elements of the loading UI to fix some issues as well as make it look a little bit nicer
+ First time players will now have their default options set correctly
+ Fixed issue where keys couldn’t be rebinded on the title screen and the restore defaults button wasn’t working on the title screen.
+ Added restore default options to the rest of the options menu
+ Opening menus of the same subtype on stations will cause the other open ones to close
+ Also applied this to exiting out of UIs
+ Moving to a new room on a station will cause any open windows to close
+ Dialogue buttons on comm UIs can’t be selected early
+ Greatly reduced tooltip times
+ Docking on stations and undocking will cause less issues
+ Dialogue with NPCs now has a dedicated camera mode
+ Added ship debris, which is… mostly what it is says it is.
+ Added more thruster effects
+ Fixed up offscreen indicators to run a bit better and update faster
+ Setting a waypoint will cause the map to properly refresh
+ When a laneline gets disrupted the waypoint system will properly update to reflect this and direct the player better