February 2018, Week 1

+ Wave design finished, only balancing left
+ Added flying turtles and giant lasers
+ Sorted out the hard drive issues
- Scrapped the old midboss, making it a mech now

January 2018, Week 4

+ 2 more new enemies, small robots similar to the player and an armored turtle
+ Made about half of the enemy waves
+ Stage music is, for the most part, done
+ Started drawing the midboss
- HDD seems to be dying, waiting for the new one to arrive

January 2018, Week 3

+ Began work on level 4
+ Tunnel background
+ 3 new enemy types
+ Other parts of the elevator I can lower/raise at will to create platforms for the player
+ Started making the music early
- Postponed remaking level 2 boss until I have some good ideas for attack patterns

January 2018, Week 1

+ Third demo is out
+ Replaced the fuel bar with a timer
+ Added warnings for the snake, possibly going to re-use them
+ Did a lot of difficulty balancing yet again
- Can't quite get the difficulty curve I want
- Decided that the level 2 boss sucks, going to remake it almost from scratch
- Bored by the level 1 music, have to make new stuff
- Using social media feels like a chore desu

December 2017, Week 2

+ Done with the boss, balancing now
+ Added new sfx
+ Made an end level jingle
- Making music I'm satisfied with is hard, discarded about 10 projects in the past few days

December 2017, Week 1

+ Finished the layout of the first level
+ Done with the first phase of the snake boss
+ 1/3 done with the second half
+ Got a tumblr
- Still no luck with music, hate everything I make

November 2017, Week 5

+ Made a lot of new props like breakable windows, flowers, holographic advertisements
+ Added a city to the background
+ Started making a snake boss
+ Added a little boss introduction setpiece, planning to add more small events
- Still haven't decided on a title
- Still haven't started advertising game in any way
- No luck with the stage 1 music

November 2017, Week 4

+ Helicopter drones, jetski enemies and walking police robots
+ Some new props and backgrounds like the police car and distant forest
+ Made the boss patterns even easier
- Feeling like shit which is slowing down progress
- Art is too hard

November 2017, Week 3

+ Added 2 new enemy types
+ Added a new section to the city level because it was too short before
+ Made "level select" the main game mode and added checkpoints to it
+ Drew some props, backgrounds and a new icon for lives
- Progress on the new level is slow

November 2017, Week 2

+ Made some new art assets and a new enemy type
+ Did more difficulty balancing
- Too many distractions getting in the way of progress
- Art is hard

November 2017, Week 1

+ Added a slide move because of DD17 feedback, quite happy with it
+ Took care of some other issues people brought up
+ Toned down the boss fights
+ Started making assets for a new level
- Can't decide what the theme of the new level will be besides daylight and water
- Avoiding redesigning bosses

October 2017, Week 4

+ Added a tutorial level
+ Improved gamepad support
+ Added land mines
+ Started making some new music
- Having difficulties making new music