Nilco Virtual Game Machine

December 2021, Week 5

+ added twitter button
+ added credits scene
+ v0.32 released at Play Store
+ started porting Ninja Frog
++++ new stone 'prop'
++++ 'prop's now spawn with a random rotation
++++ working on new particles
++++ added a shadow to players can see where they will fall
++++ default shader is now unlit
- i forget the "progress::"

December 2021, Week 3

+ you can now change the virtal gamepad color(sdk only)
+ Covid Lives Matter reached v1.0-b
+ Farting Dude reached v1.0-b
+ Crazymotoboy reached v0.6
++++ added player model and animations
++++ added pedestrians model
++++ pedestrians spawns with a random color
++++ added sidewalk to map
++++ added some SFX
++++ if the player hit some wall at high speed he dies and revive on the last checkpoint(last restaurant visited)

December 2021, Week 2

+ Crazymotoboy reached v0.4
+ added combo feature
+ combos multiply points and increase blood particle sizes
+ added radar
+ working on world map
+ pedestrians now spawn from restaurants
+ pedestrians now dont walk inside buildings, other pedestrians or water

December 2021, Week 1

+ added press, hold and up button events
+ added useless vibration
+ added home button
+ started Crazymotoboy
+ added acelleration & boost
+ added useless minimap

+ Covid Lives Matter reached v0.8
- there is a bug on mobile where the covid doesnt rotate the same way as in the computer
- yet need UI/UX and SFX improvements
++++ vaccine kills the covid
++++ face shields decreases covid life
++++ hand sanitizer decreases covid speed
++++ when humans get infected it increases covid life
+ Farting Dude reached v0.8
- yet need UI/UX and SFX improvements
++++ new background added
+ Crazymotoboy reached v0.2
++++ pedestrians now have an AI
++++ added store zones
++++ store zones give you a random location to you deliver something
++++ added deliver zone
++++ deliver zone tells the store that the player delivered something and give money to the player

November 2021, Week 4

+ Made the base controller code
+ Joined recap
+ Porting Covid Lives Matter to Nilco VGM

+ added menu with a game list
+ added Farting Dude port
+ added volume slider
- there are bugs everywhere.