February 2020, Week 4





lua/love2d, photoshop

More UI tweaks, and a rudimentary targeting system

Entities are now properly culled and z-sorted on their y value. Added support for tweening of UI nodes, and fixed various bugs affecting alignment and clipping



Pastaspace Interactive





+ Multiplayer now synchronizes and saves.
+ Reorganized some files internally for my own sake.
+ Added proper models for freighters.
+ Updated icon logic to go alongside fighters.
+ Created hashtable functions for multiplayer (mostly).
+ Resized some existing freighter and fighter models to better fit.
+ Redid some menus.
+ Updated atmospheric meshes on demo models.
+ Fixed resizing issues on quest UI.
+ Players can now shoot each other in multiplayer.
+ Ship Service UI can now properly rearm your ship.
+ Fixed respawning issues and gave the UI better graphics.
+ Fixed annoying longstanding issue with cursor locking itself.
+ Fixed issue where closing a window while docking would make the dock.
+ Camera can no longer do weird shit when in autopilot.
+ Keyboard commands can now open menus in any state.
+ Fixed some basic issues with waypoint indicators.
+ Cockpit mode now reads correctly.
+ Fixed issue where destroying the wrong kind of solar would produce errors.
+ Players can now tractor in cargo amounts and ammo that they could, theoretically, fit.
+ Shield caches and webbing can now be properly looted.
+ Can no longer overcraft ammo or repair items.
+ Limiters placed for adding overabundances of cargo items.
+ Docking points changed to flat docking logic to prevent overshoots.
+ Fixed graphical issues when respawning.
+ Fixed contact button issues when multiple waypoints were in play.
+ Created NPC-only icons for npc only ships.
+ Added new console commands to help my dad because he wants to play the game.
+ Loading a save now properly clears active missions and any recent undertaken actions.
+ NPC taunts now open and close properly.
+ Re-added sounds back to the message HUD.
+ Rolling camera now smoothed out.
+ Added a whaling ship and harpoons.
+ Added a dedicated screenshot button.
+ Added new models for cargoitems.