Alien Combat Training Simulator

October 2022, Week 1

+ Sound effects for losing, getting hit, and picking up a speed boost
+ two bugfixes

September 2022, Week 4

+ New arrow to point to last remaining alien
+ Pulse the score every time it increases
+ Various bugfixes

September 2022, Week 3

+ bugfix: Boss wouldn't shrink if it wasn't walking
+ bugfix: Boss can now punch player (reduced size)
+ bugfix: Teleporting AI were teleporting when they shouldn't be
+ bugfix: Camera on death now puts planet on the side
+ bugfix: Attacks end when the game is paused
+ AI now turns to face the player while standing

+ Chose a final name for the game
+ Bugfix on second punch animation
+ Subtle camera shake when the player hits an alien

September 2022, Week 1

+ Double punch implemented in game
+ New skybox
+ Running animation now adjusts speed to match the movement speed
+ This is my Demo Day 46 build

August 2022, Week 2

+ Icon to show when speed boost is active
+ Turn score gold to show points bonus
+ New BGM that I found on the internet

August 2022, Week 1

+ Powerup to double player speed for 10 seconds
+ Powerup to double points for 10 seconds

July 2022, Week 4

+ Particle effect from dead baddie to spin button
+ Spin button pulses when the particle hits it
+ Health drops from some dead baddies

July 2022, Week 2

+ Live score on screen during gameplay
+ Highlight the latest score in the list

June 2022, Week 5

+ Scoreboard now has 5 high scores
+ score name input on pc for testing purposes

June 2022, Week 3

+ Now saves your high score
- Implemented a top 10 high score system with names before realizing it really doesn't suit a single player phone game

June 2022, Week 2

+ Game log to track all enemies killed
+ Score points, including different values depending on the type of enemy
+ 50 waves of gameplay
- waves will need tuning for difficulty

May 2022, Week 2

+ UI rearrange to balance 9 hearts with the bonus wave text
- spin button looks lonely without the virtual punch/joystick

May 2022, Week 1

+ Waves are now defined in a csv file
+ Wave titles also loaded from csv
+ alternate debug csv can be used for testing
+ Bonus waves that replay the original waves with extra enemies
- UI layout issues due to bonus waves
- Remaining boss indicator now doesn't make sense when the wave name is "Boss" as well

April 2022, Week 4

+ bugfix: AI now starts paused if the game is paused
+ bugfix: Wave title text no longer restarts if the game is paused while it is being displayed
+ bugfix: Camera shake works again
+ bugfix: Can hit boss again
+ bugfix: Added system to ensure weapon only hits once per enemy
- rapid fire punches on mobile for now

April 2022, Week 3

+ bugfix: Arm swing whoosh sound works on android again
+ bugfix: AI now uses a capsule collider instead of an ill-fitted box
+ bugfix: Damage indicator no longer shows when starting a game after the first one
+ Can now display 9 health instead of 3

April 2022, Week 2

+ Trees got a new texture
+ Small refactor to remove old planet radius calculations

April 2022, Week 1

+ Players and baddies now collide with the planet mesh
+ Trees are set to the height of the terrain

March 2022, Week 5

+ New planet generation algorithm and textures
+ differing height across the planet
- player/trees/baddies still sit at same height