August 2018, Week 5

+ Implemented node-based takeoff algorithm for the giant birds to gtf in the air when they give up a search.
+ Bixed some Fugs
+/- Still trying to make a consistent schedule for devving more than a few hours a week.
- Binged Lain for the first time on labor day instead of dev time. It was pretty great.

August 2018, Week 4

- Coming to terms with the impact this semester is gonna have on my dev time
+ Tweaked bird head height when peeking into crevices
+ Planned a take-off system for the bird
+ Made a takeoff animation in blender

August 2018, Week 3

+ Fixed up some navigation for when it's following prey in a hiding place.
+ Added some bird turning animations to be more natural
+ Made the bird adjust it's head height dynamically with IK based on it's current ground activity. Needs polish.
+/- Uni started again, so it's back to a tighter schedule and grabbing time whenever I can.

August 2018, Week 2

+ Pretty much done rewriting the FPS controller from scratch. Rough terrain was the hardest part but it's working great now (not perfect) and everything else relating to player movement was easier when physics-based.
- Had to spend money on FinalIK to get generic IK support without tons and tons of work.
+ The functionality and extra goodies in the package is astonishing and well worth the purchase. I'm in love with using it.
+ Bird now looks at the current target when it's visible
+ Bird now tracks it's head independently from it's body when making an attack, livening up and making it functional.
+ Bird keeps his feetsies on the ground at all times.
+ Crude implementation of the player body+legs model for first-person leg animation action. Probably gonna put this on the backburner.
+/- I was getting real fuckin tired of working on this bird (and still want to move on) but IK just really makes everything easier/cooler. Hopefully it can solve footsliding too.

August 2018, Week 1

+ Had a nice week's vacation, moved into new apartment
+ Felt like casually rewriting the whole FPS controller with a rigidbody from scratch, planned it out
+ Movement, jumping, sprinting are implemented
- Feel like an idiot wrestling with making basic movement feel good
+ Movement feels good
+ Player can sort of walk over small objects just fine
- This is taking longer than expected

July 2018, Week 3

+ Fixed a bunch of sight bugs and refactored more stuff.
+ Bird is able to suss out and search around hiding places based on easy-to-place nodes.
+ Bird transitions to "seeking" after landing, going from hiding place to hiding place looking for the player (or other hiding prey).
+ Bird transitions to an attack state upon spotting prey where they approach and attack with a bite.
+ Animated a lot of this.
- Realized using IK on these things is gonna require a lot of home-grown solutions or a pricy asset.
- Gonna lose my recap streak because I'm going on vacation this week. No work for me.

July 2018, Week 2

+ Finished implementing procedural bird landing
+ Placeholder landing animation
+ Animated the bird swooping attack and elevation gain flapping
+ Implemented damage for swooping attack
- It feels kinda lame, I'll probably make it knock the player down for some effect later on
+ Fixed a bunch of bugs and cleaned up all my warnings
+ Refactored the FUCK outta the whole sight/detection stuff so that it can be used with any AI entity easily.
+ Did more cool but nothing-to-show AI programming
- Put some flight animation stuff on the backburner because it's weird to program.
- Took way too long refactoring some stuff.

July 2018, Week 1

+ Refactored the LOS observation system and most of the bird flight AI
- Refactored flight AI broke animations for the time being
+ Added some icons for editor prefabs and some sandy sounding footsteps
+ implemented a landing array that makes a flightpath for landing/swooping, made it follow the bird after it's locked prey
+ Implemented prey choosing and death dive for the bird boys
+ finally implemented and refined the bird swooping, still need animations/damage

June 2018, Week 4

+ Ironed out a lot of bugs for AI circling but made a breakthrough by finding another approach
- New approach needs debugging all over again
+ Added hitboxes, health, and a ragdoll to the bird with eyes as the weak points. Plan to make this important later on.
+ Made a script that keeps track of an AI's hidden status.
+ Made an LOS system that keeps track of a lot of data, such as the time an AI has seen something until detection, where it keeps a list of "known" targets.
- No effective progress was made until I implement what happens after an AI detects something.

June 2018, Week 3

+ Planned the hell out of the AI; way more rigorous and detailed than past plans. This was nearly half of my work this week, but it's all pseudocoded with maths out on paper.
+ Implemented area nodes for birds to circle around and and receive information from
+ Largely implemented behavior for the birds to travel between nodes, form circles around them, and adjust elevation based on necessity or scripting.
- Fair amounts of bugfixing to do before the next features
- This kind of work takes a lot of time, probably won't have anything substantial to show for Demo Day

June 2018, Week 2

+ Attenuated the lighting and then unified the shadow colors by getting rid of ambient light
+ Animated bird flight and walk cycles
+ Planned out the bird AI a little more
+ Some minor bugfixes resulting from that 2018.1 upgrade
- Dev'd like half as much time as usual this week so I feel bad
- IK intimidates me but I'll need it for the bird's neck and feet (and also for the tribesmen) so I'm wondering how long I can put that off.
- It still takes me absolutely forever to animate stuff.

June 2018, Week 1

+ Mostly finished up modelling bird
+ Properly UV'd bird
+ Mostly rigged bird
+ Made some flight animations for bird
- Haven't done any dev this monday (usually my big work day of the week) because I've been watching E3 with my friends. Next week's progress will suffer for it.

May 2018, Week 5

+ Finished adding blocking functionality to tribesmen.
+ Made minor improvements to custom toon shading.
+ Collected a bunch of reference for modelling birds
+ Started modelling a giant bird
+ Planned AI and animation states for giant bird
- Not done modelling giant bird

May 2018, Week 4

+ Refactored year-old stuff and swept up a bunch more bugs relating to hitboxes and old shit movement code
+ Did some planning on the environmental health system for the naturalistic part of the game:
+ Implemented an interaction system where the player can hit F to use stuff they're looking at
+ Player can D r i n k W a t e r and eat 'fruit' (unity spheres) which allows health restoration and restores a bit of health.
+ Made a pretty fire effect and campfire model that Twitter loves but didn't really accomplish much
+ Tribal enemies now block after being spammed with hits to stop spam
+ Player can now guard break blocking tribesmen by attacking enough
+ or -, bought Amplify Shader, have been enjoying it
+ Upgraded to Unity 2018.1
- Realized Unity 2018.1 isn't that useful because I can't port old modified shaders to the new render pipelines
- Didn't recap last week because I didn't feel like the interactables were enough to show.
- Gonna have less to show both here and on twitter because I'll be planning modelling a complicated looking enemy. Art skills are low so it takes time to get things looking the way they do in my head.
- Keep pushing more and more planned AI features from "do now" to "do after this next phase" which could be good for keeping me focused on essentials but could just be procrastination.

May 2018, Week 2

+ Doing a bunch of spring cleaning bugfixing between feedback from demo day and stuff that's piled up
- This means I've had nothing to show
- Worked relatively little this week due to wrapping up finals and moving into a new apartment

May 2018, Week 1

+ Polished up demo a bit to make it presentable
+ Put demo on DD20, started doing recaps
- Spent 4 hours on Quaternions for camera-movement effects that don't matter
- Finals week :(