Locked Masts

May 2017, Week 4

+ Improvements on the Ship AI, actually fires at targets now.
+ Some interior work.
- Slow week, job hunting. And Starpoint Gemini Warlords.

May 2017, Week 3

+ Week mostly went into crew development.
+ Crew models, skin, animations, clothing, hair, beards and AI, the whole package. Eyes and eyebrows next and the whole human experience will be covered.
- Breaking through some hard learning curves is eating time

May 2017, Week 2

+ Large amount of ship modelling work. Interior planned out.
+ Merchant cannon modelled and now functioning ingame with particle systems and sound assets. 90% done some fine details to scratch out.
+ Ship damage system developed with decals and particle effects, functions with the cannons. Still needs some work but good so far.
+ Merchant now has a Sea Maiden figurehead.
+ Been hammering the materials for the ship, would be heresy to not make full use of UE4's material capabilities.
+ Opening menu punched in, still needs work.
+ LAN or LAN-like networking basis established. Should work with Hamachi or similar but needs more testing.

May 2017, Week 1

+ Graduation secured, back in the saddle.
+ Been ramming everything I have into a demo, trying to aim for the end of the month.
+ Fixed the ship AI which was acting up, permanent-like this time. Last time was a false positive.
+ Lot of work on the ship and asset modelling side.
- Modelling devours dev time.

April 2017, Week 2

+ Minor touchups.
- Swamped with work! Fuckall will be happening this week. Then the delicious dev life of a NEET.
- Zelda: BOTW

April 2017, Week 1

+ More work on the merchant ship
+ Been processing the model into actual functional pieces within the game engine. Still missing a few good parts but it's getting there. Decor will really shape it up.

March 2017, Week 5

+ Small touches on the merchant ship
- Schoolwork swallowed most of the week as I expected.

March 2017, Week 4

+ Been working on this little beauty. She'll serve as the scaffold for AI trader piracy target development. (East Indiaman Götheborg has been the main reference)
+ Not falling under the same restrictions as the player-built ones, I can allow myself a lot more freedom in how I model AI ships. It's gonna give them a more unique look.
+ A bunch of ship props.
- Have to shift to school projects this week.

March 2017, Week 2

+ Moved a few things up from prototype stages.
+ Currently working crew AI. Pretty fun to see the guys running around picking up boxes.

March 2017, Week 1

+ Working on AI now, ship and characters. Quirks to work around but it's getting there. Got it sailing between waypoints so good so far.

February 2017, Week 3

Reworked the player island a bit. Larger now, more room for expansion. Thinking it more like the Heroes of MM cities.
+ Working on the characters still, trying to put what I learned together.
+ Scientist developed a bit, made him a tesla gun for stunning and vaporizing if you're determined enough.
- Main screen and backup failed. Down to a hilariously small screen I found in storage.

February 2017, Week 2

+ Working on characters. The whole shebang, from model to ingame.
- Breaking through newbie mistakes and figuring out what works is taking a lot of time. Progress is crawling.

February 2017, Week 1

+ Been stepping up my asset game. Unreal's materials are too powerful to let them go to waste.
- System crashed! Took a bit of the week to get back up to speed. No loss of progress.
- Can't sleep. I keep having nightmares about Jofer's daughter.

January 2017, Week 4

+ Framework logic and design pretty good now
+ Travel between maps, building ships, saving/loading them for edit/sailing, options menu etc
- Still needs art, gonna leave that for now, sick of working on menus.

January 2017, Week 3

+ Still working on framework.
+ That's a fully functioning graphics menu right there.
+ Found tuna.

January 2017, Week 1

+ Nailed the boat mechanics down, physics were a bitch (big success this one)
+ Modeling work (Bar+brothel exterior is pictured)
+ Added the halfdeck frame to the builder

December 2016, Week 5

+ Broke into animation and clothing, character modeling ahoy
+ Various work all over
+ Working on sailing mechanics

December 2016, Week 3

+ Back in the saddle baby!
+ A lot of building menu progress
+ Material progress, can prevent the ocean from rendering inside the ships now
- Material rendering math is a headache