January 2019, Week 4

- Pathing / Autoexplore fell apart, needs more PoC work
+ Created a much more 'slim' version of the game with just the rendering and movement. To be used as a sandbox for feature high-impact changes / PoCs
+ Major refactoring almost finished on the inventory system. System is now entity-agnostic and more than just the player can hold items.
- Major bug with our Entity-Component-System that is causing compilation issues on Windows

January 2019, Week 2

+ Gamelog will now list items under the character after movement
+ Added a Scroll of Teleport that teleports the player to a random location on the current floor
+ Began work on path finding for auto exploring

January 2019, Week 1

+ Initial support for Sqlite3 added (only on Linux) to speed up development (less compilation)

+ Completed cross-platform SQLite3 support (Linux, Windows)

+ Optimization pass on the entire rendering process, CPU reduction from >30% to 3.0 - 4.5%

December 2018, Week 2

+ Work on 'ground' level, now connected to the dungeon via staircase
+ Fixed items rendering on top of each other looking like trash

November 2018, Week 5

+ Quite a bit of progress on creating a theme now that mechanics are falling into place
+ Work progresses on more map generation (Surface level)

November 2018, Week 4

+ Added trap system - spike trap and a dart trap. The spike trap deals 1d4 on the traps x,y position. Dart trap physically shoots a 1d4 dart from a trap location to the trigger - this can hit other things (walls, enemies)
+ Artwork is loading properly into the engine now, some scaling issues being worked out
+ Implemented the ability to have locked doors that can be opened with the right key

+ Created a static map with specific rooms for testing (Item Room, Trap Room, Light Room)