Cyberdome Penelopenxia

November 2021, Week 1

+ timed blocking (which stuns enemies during certain attacks)
+ stunnable enemies (only gladiator for now)
+ made a system that aligns actors during animations where they need to be in sync (grabs/ throws/etc)
+ Added Takedowns that one-shot stunned enemies (only gladiator for now)
+ lock-on camera
~ melee tweaks (decreased hitstop duration, increasing overall attack speed, increased engagement range from above target)

progress a little slow lately, but Im getting close to the point where I'll focus on content over new systems and getting my scope more strictly defined. (hopefully)

October 2021, Week 1

+ fixed some sound channels in fmod to be on the main track
+ HP regen cuts off at 20% energy
+ block drains BP
+ gun state mid-air melee
+ gun state shooting durning melee
+ fire rockets mid melee
+ hitstops don't break slow time
+ Shop text/color adjustments
~ Starting loadout changes
+ Reroll button hidden for fixed matches
+ Tooltip for abilities affected by modules
~ parts menu bigger
~ moved practice room stuff arround
~ gladiators no longer block melee attacks or rockets
+ player rockets explode in proximity to target
~ status and abilities button now in internals menu
+ stats menu organized by categories
+ readded machine joints to player model
+ new anti-air kick
+ refactored the way enemy information is stored to be more organized and scalable

++ new gladiator model
+ some new sfx
+ new player guns
++ Gattling Gun Gladiator enemy

melee combat still not good enough

September 2021, Week 2

++ New player model
+ New wristblades

+ improved bullet blocking angle detection
+ fixed: player getting physics'd by enemy bullets
+ block while moving full speed and sliding
~ Melee boosting sprint is now a slower slide (probably bring it back later as an optional upgrade)

+ added assorted sound fx
+ more menu tooltips
+ minor adjustments to lighting, materials, and menu format
++ Shop menu (functionality and visuals)

+ fixed: pressing esc while holding a module in internal editing deleting the module
+ fixed: not getting items after a battle (due to misspelled item keys, whoops)

currently working on melee improvements, experimenting with arcs on swings so I can make hitboxes a bit bigger without it being visually weird

August 2021, Week 2

+ minotaur flinching (melee attacks cancelable)
+ minotuar footsteps
+ zapbot walk sound
+ deathexplosion prewarm
+ player footsteps on melee attacks
+ minotaur tapered movement

+ fixed: enemies dying twice from being hit twice on the same frame
+ fixed: mitebot explosions not appearing when too many are on screen
+ fixed: enemies spawning after gameover (they shouldn't)
+ Safety net now catches enemies that fall out of bounds
+ fixed: enemies reset their rigidbody when they spawn (so they won't fall through floor if they were falling when they died)

+++ Maxotaur upgrade: (model, animations, sfx, vfx, movement/hitbox adjustments)

July 2021, Week 5

+ volume, resolution & fullscreen save to player prefs
+ ragdoll tweaks
+ hitstop adjustments
+ camera shake (enemy attacks, player attacks, blocks)

+ Made a rigged model for Minotuar
+ Minotaur 2Handing IK
+ Minotaur animations (Idle, walking, overhead & spin attacks)
+ Minotaur Hammer jet (effect and sound)

+ Mitebot walk sound

July 2021, Week 2

+ spent a year and a half on game :)
+ submitted to demo day
+ menu scroll speeds increased
+ made the Enervated Reactor an actual module
+ rotatable modules
+ menu tweaks (esc to go back, resizing etc)
+ options menu in game scene
+ Player Knockback consistancy improved and overall reduced
+ melee sounds added to mitebot/zapbot
+ camera adjustments and mouse sensitivity sliders
+ game version text
+ pushed clusters of mitebots to tier 2 matches and replaced them with melee-focused enemys