September 2021, Week 3

* Demo day feedback update
* add down press to move camera down
* fix turret sound repeat bug
* change the first save location so it cannot be missed
* fix issue with player unpausing during upgrade pickups
* make currency fly towards the player when he gets close enough
* hungry vines die after a couple hits
* flies die upon damaging the player

September 2021, Week 1

+ many bug fixes and optimizations
+ finish elevator room puzzle
+ add hungry grass
+ add spread shrooms
+ add exploding orb and pod
+ map out old mines 1 through 3
+ finish gravity gun introduction jump puzzle
+ add destructible walls
+ add gravity zone toggle switch
+ gravity zones can now push blocks
+ add vial potency upgrade
+ add more Mandragora log entries
+ improve cutscene system
+ many sounds but not enough
+ add Pomao easter egg

August 2021, Week 2

+ add space fly and nest ennemy
+ add generator electricity puzzle
+ finish mapping out west cave 1
+ start of Dr. Mandragora's sub plot
+ grass tiles
+ start of service elevator room

August 2021, Week 1

+ written up intro dialogue for Ceres and Ripley
+ finishing touches to cutscene/quest system.

July 2021, Week 5

+ finalize first boss events
+ balance boss mechanics
+ add draft of gravity cube

+ add gravity zone that keeps gravity blocks activated when inside.

+ adding more enemies
+ sucking at math

+ add death screen
+ create abstract class and node template for enemies

July 2021, Week 4

+ tweak player movement
+ fix bugs introduced by new area switching system
+ added dev console

+ Final player movement rework ??
+ Map out more game area

+ add health potion system (similar to estus flasks, but you need to buy them and they don't refill at saving areas)
+ Reworking save and scene loading system
+ Start adding a shop

+ improve entity spawning code
+ rework dialogue system for bbcode support
+ add shop

+ finish mapping out first area
+ add pickup for double jump
+ add pickup for potion slots

+ started working on first boss

+ draft boss mechanics
+ code in boss setup event

+ finish up first boss mechanics