July 2021, Week 4





UE4, Blender, Aseprite, Krita

Dialog Choices now have requirements you may need to fullfill before they are being displayed
You can now get/complete quests and gain/loose xp or items through Dialog
If you gain or loose items (apart from picking them up or buying) it will now be displayed on the HUD
Fixed nauseating camera jigger during Dialog
Adjusted 8 Directional dodging instead of rotating into the desired direction and then dodging forward
Fixed Sickles using their backside to hit instead of only the sharp side
Fixed Combat Hitboxes overlapping undesired things
Found bug with very first hit in the game using fists sometimes not registering
Began Layout of the PyramidValley Intro Area
Added Stairs instead of ramps
reworked world aligned textures to also take into account object rotation, fixing some minor graphical issues
Reworked Dodge animations to look a bit better (hopefully)
Falling from too high will now alter players fall animation and force him to stand up once he hit the ground to hard, instead of just landing as normally
Added JumpStart/Jumpland animations
Added Animations for lying on the floor ( either dead/unconscious or for whatever else reason) aswell as their standing up animations

Fixed some weird animations issues with strafing
Maybe fixed player sliding along the floor thanks to animations being too slow
Adjusted Weapon hitboxes
Added Cowardly behaviour for AI
Re-added AI ability to attack and block
Creatures can now Dodge your attacks either pre-emptively or after they already got hit, if they aren't as fast in recognizing
Creatures that are knocked down thanks to falling from too high or receiving too much nonlethal damage will now try to stand up as fast as possible instead of giving up and lying down forever

Added delay to standing up after falling / after getting knocked unconscious
disabled certain menus while unconscious
creatures will now knock you unconscious instead of killing you if you have specific tags
Fixed some issues with being able to continue walking when holding down walking while jumping and landing from high heights
When you attack while an unconscious creature is right in front of you, you will actively murder it instead of just attacking ( only if there are no other combatants in front of you, as to not interrupt combat)
Fixed Issue with weapon carry mode changing when falling from high enough to take damage, but not high enough to fall flat on your face
Fixed Issue being able to draw your weapon while falling down, causing ugly animation glitches
Creatures return to their default behaviour if they knocked you unconscious instead of continuing to try and hit your body
Creatures you knocked unconscious don't try to kill you for the rest of their lives anymore
Items can now have owners, which try to knock you out if they see you take it, and if they succeed take it back ( no looting animation yet tho)
Fixed Issue where Players would kill themselves rather then getting knocked out by their enemy

You can now rob unconscious people
Continued work on the New Map
Creatures now take an amount of your cash, depending on how much of a thug they are when they knock you out, in addition to all the items you stole from them
You can no longer continue looting unconscious creatures after they have woken back up
Ambient Dialog/Text can now be displayed in the Generic HUD without Creatures being forced to talk to you
Creatures who get robbed / try to intimidate you and have actual text to say ( read: humans ) will now use the above AmbientText function to do so.
Far away Creatures (100+ meters ) will regenerate to full around midnight, to simulate them sleeping to regenerate health, instead of staying on low health for the remainder of the game



Commander Rad


Love2D, Blender, Spine, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Zeplin, QGIS



+ Version 0.01 released and is available here: https://balancedbreakfast.itch.io/bombs-and-bullets
- Future versions will be significantly different, with terrain added, art assets switched, more units and much simpler pathfinding.
- Pathfinding is getting nuked. It's not that we couldn't get it to work, it would prevent us from adding in a ton of features.
+ Laying in the groundwork for terrain. This will be the main task for the upcoming month.
+ Frequent matchs for hunting bugs now. Not for balance though, far too early for that.
- Also not hunting bugs on Windows 7 or Windows Vista (lol).
- Additionally, not hunting bugs on 32 bit for now.
+ Here is the current music playlist for anyone that wants a listen:
+ playlist: https://soundcloud.com/user-255042164/sets/b-b-ost
- For those that would like to use the AGDG recap, its here: http://recap.agdg.io/





haxe, HTML5, howlerJS



+ Added short-lived phantom colliders that are spawned by dying enemies, making chaining combos easier
+ Added a bonus for using chasers to hit far away enemies
+ Added a bonus for hitting >3 enemies with howitzers' splash damage





Godot, Gimp

+ tweak player movement
+ fix bugs introduced by new area switching system
+ added dev console

+ Final player movement rework ??
+ Map out more game area

+ add health potion system (similar to estus flasks, but you need to buy them and they don't refill at saving areas)
+ Reworking save and scene loading system
+ Start adding a shop

+ improve entity spawning code
+ rework dialogue system for bbcode support
+ add shop

+ finish mapping out first area
+ add pickup for double jump
+ add pickup for potion slots

+ started working on first boss

+ draft boss mechanics
+ code in boss setup event

+ finish up first boss mechanics

Cult of Damaskus





+ Coded in a couple new weapons, including the harpoon chainsaw in this webm (the harpoon projectile is a placeholder)
+ Learned to use Blender and finished an extremely rough draft of a new level which will probably be included in the next demo day build
+ Changed enemy sprite shader to react to lighting, probably going to apply it to all 2D sprites
+ Misc art (most importantly, bullet hole decals and a little smoke puff animation for bullet impacts on inanimate objects)
+ Bug fixes

rocket sword game


Godot, Aseprite






Pastaspace Interactive





+ Adjusted ship styling values.
+ Created code for clamping all guns based on rotational angles and fixed rotational code that was malfunctioning and overcompensating.
+ Improved trail graphics on vulcaic guns.
+ Guns will no longer fire if they’re not within a specific angle amount to their target.
+ Guns on player ships curve towards their wanted aiming thing.
+ Added and adjusted firing restriction angles to all ships.
+ Removed audio doppler issues from big ships.
+ Synchronized non-shooting shots.
+ Wrote up a new zombie focused quest.
+ Added solar undocking restrictions for interiors.
+ Solar docking restrictions can now execute scripts.
+ Redid the scrap in more vignettes.
+ Did some optimizations to shipyard models.
+ Started work on large ship explosion scenes.
+ Fixed some code on ship debris variation stuff to make more sense.
+ Redid big ship smoke systems.
+ Redid big ship explosions using the new subfuse timeline system.
+ Added debris to all large ships.








Made a house you can enter.
Put a NPC in the house.
Put a NPC outside the house.
Worked on new levels and NPCs.
Todo: make more houses