Deadland 4000

June 2022, Week 3

>added 3 new mutations:
>Ghoulform: Can’t regenerate health over time. +%40 melee lifesteal. Don’t get hungry.
>Ratform: -3 vision during the day. Sense Food.
>Frogform: Take .5 damage per turn in the sun. Can swim in water. Ignore the effects of rain and acid rain.

April 2022, Week 1

+ wild biomes now generate rock formations similar to water
+ wild biomes now have sub terrain tiles, giving them some more detail
+ Added a new vault, the freezer
+ structures now are now soft revealed and hard revealed correctly
+ Added stun stick, a melee that electrocutes every 6 attacks

March 2022, Week 4

An enemy’s vision stat will now represent how far they can see in cardinal directions (diagonal directions will reach slightly less). All enemies have had their vision updated to be around their actual view distance before.

Added noise: Certain things will create noise. Enemies that hear noise will move towards the source, then continue wandering if they can’t find anything.

Currently these weapons create noise: Revolver, Gatling gun, laser cannon, ray gun, Winchester, Flamethrower

Added 5 new mutations to the pool:
Teleportis: %3 to randomly blink nearby every turn
Psychotic Rage: %1 to go berserk for 10 turns every turn
Screaming urges: %3 to shout, creating a noise every turn
Arboreal Transmutation: %1 to turn into a tree for 10 turns every turn
Unstable Evolution: Gain 1 radiation every 60 turns.

When in tree form you will now gain .5 food a turn in sunlight, equivalent to 2 photosynthesis perks.
Photosynthesis has been moved from the mutation pool into the perk pool, it can now be gotten from tomes of experience
Magnet ring chance to generate bullets lowered to %3 from %5.
Fixed a bug where multiple magnet rings weren’t stacking.
Cigarettes now always provide an instant speed action after 10 turns, rather than having a %10 chance each turn.
Experiment now starts with cigarettes
Enemies will no longer show their visible tiles until they’re examined. This is to try and reduce visual clutter. This can be reverted by toggling the ‘Show enemy vision’ option in the pause menu.
Perks, mutations and statuses are now color coded

Fixed a bug where clicking on an item to use it would break casting control
Fixed a bug where after choosing an option in the discovery window, the game would still consider the cell clicked as being currently hovered over. This also broke casting control
Fixed a bug where the player would continue berserking even in death

February 2022, Week 4

+ New firefighter class mostly done, starts with a flaregun and an axe, not sure on special ability
+ Ancient ruin vault spawns in the wild, has an item guarded by a stationary turret
+ Forest clearings now have stuff in them, like this mushroom ring guarded by a banshee

February 2022, Week 3

+ Enemies should now animate simultaneously for basic movement, preventing the game from slowing down when it has to animate many enemies.
+ Added Peppermint wand. Shoots a short beam that spawns random candy from slain enemies.
+ Added Bone wand. Instantly kills enemies with <= 20 health. Melee range.
+ Added bars for player health and food in UI
+ Action log now has transparent background

February 2022, Week 2

+ Reworked enemy vision, now draws 2d pseudo raycasts, it's faster than before, and works a little differently too.
+ Vaults can now have world object pools, allowing for a tile to sometimes have a patch of grass, but not always
+ Added Lava bubbler, blink shroom, and owleye shroom

January 2022, Week 4

New Seraph enemy. Flys around the zone randomly, but will go dormant at night (when I code it in). Progressing on a cemetery biome.