Project K2

May 2018, Week 2

+ Fixed a game-breaking bug where you can get killed during a dialog
+ Overhauled the dialog mode; the player can't shoot during dialog mode anymore, and enemies now return to their original place instead of standing by the player.
+ Started hooking up the in game menu. The sound settings sort of work.
- Finals this week, so progress pretty slow.

May 2018, Week 1

+ Demo day build
+ Polished the story a bit, added a couple of characters for fun
+ Implemented the reactor explosion (barebone so far) and aftermath

April 2018, Week 4

+ Prepping for demo day, fixing annoyances and whatnot.
- Busy week, so progress is slow.

April 2018, Week 3

+ Tower interior is being worked on finally.
+ Fixed exposure settings on post-processing.
+ The guard at the platform 2 maintenance area can now be bribed, if the game is not in combat mode yet.
+ Implemented draw distance on generic collectables (coins,lives) - massive FPS boost.
+ LODs on the big portals.

April 2018, Week 2

+ Made two big portals to make the train appear out of somewhere rather than an empty map.
+ Blocked out the tower; camera isn't behaving like an ass inside the tower anymore.

April 2018, Week 1

+ NPC framework finally works. All NPCs (including enemies) share the same base scripts.
+ Animated the yellow robot that was just standing there previously.
+ Implemented a short quest (collect a few items).
+ 911 bots now explode properly.
+ Moved the death explosion/sound from base NPC to its death rig. This allows to instantly destroy the base NPC gameobject without sound/explosion ending prematurely.
+ Started on the combat cooldown system - if the player pisses off the AI in the game, they will stop killing you after a cooldown period.

March 2018, Week 5

+ Made and animated a train.
+ Upgraded project to Unity 2018.
+ New post-processing looks a bit better, at least reflections aren't that bright and anti-aliasing doesn't look like shit anymore.
- Upgrade broke some shit, mostly shaders.
- SRP turned out to be a royal pain in the balls, so I'll stick with default renderer for now.

March 2018, Week 4

+ Started on building a maintenance area for the first part of the level, this way you can get into the restricted area undetected.
- I had three projects due for uni before spring break, so not much progress.

March 2018, Week 3

+ Limited double jump in closed spaces; maintenance area is now less annoying.
+ Made a bomb. Will use it in cases where you need to blow up something.
+ Made first backup in months. Holy shit.
+ Implemented explosion zones. You can now use the bomb.
+ Still replacing level placeholders.

March 2018, Week 2

+ Zipline is back!
+ Improved dialogs so that they actually behave like dialogs and not just be a text on the bottom of the screen. Player now needs to press continue to advance to the next stage of a dialog. Game exits out of combat mode during the dialog so that player can't be killed if he talks to an NPC.
+ Got rid of ugly placeholders between the two main areas and put zipline and some platforms instead.
+ Made a draw bridge that lowers when activated by a card.

March 2018, Week 1

+ Demo day build
+ Overhauled the title menu, looks and feels much better than the old one.
+ Bug fixes in general, got the game to be in somewhat playable state for dd

February 2018, Week 4

+ More level design.
+ Rebuilt navmeshes.
- DD build won't be as polished as I would like, I'll probably just dump what I have at the moment.

February 2018, Week 3

+ Worked on level design, mostly.
+ Trigger/interactive visualization is now particle-based and looks much better than before.
+ Added trigger indicator on door locks.
- Still waiting for Unity 2018.1 to come out of beta, there are some features I really want to use in the game but using beta software seems unwise.

February 2018, Week 2

+ Made a building tileset.
+ Added a collider to the trees so the player can jump into trees. I'll probably put some hidden items in the trees like extra lives or access cards.

February 2018, Week 1

+ Working on new part of the level. It will be a maglev train station, and it is roughly 1.5-2x bigger than the old part of the level. Still in prototyping stage.

January 2018, Week 4

+ Modeled an NPC. Not rigged/animated yet.
+ Experimenting with making a system where all NPCs (enemy and non-enemy) derive from the same basic behavior class. Pretty fucky so far, but I want every single character type to have minimal amount of code; i.e. death sequence, or attack script in case of an enemy.
+ Fixed some collision bugs.

January 2018, Week 3

+ Enemies can now talk if the game is not in the combat mode, so in theory an enemy can be a key character.
+ Fungus' menudialog's style now matches the game.
+ Made a guard bot. Thinking of adding a very similar enemy but with a "military" texture and significantly higher health and fire rate.
+ The entire top platform now has one single collision mesh instead of a bunch of small ones. This fixed a bug where K2 would randomly switch to walking speed instead of running.
- I need better explosions. The ones I have seem too plain.

January 2018, Week 2

+ Well, I'm back after months of nodeving. There's that.
+ New HUD
+ Added dialog system (Fungus)
+ Moving enemies now derive from the same basic behavior script.
+ New enemies and NPCs in progress
+ K2's blaster is now automatic
+ Robot plants can now shoot properly (automatic)
+ Implemented cards and generic door locks
+ Enemies no longer attack you on sight, they wait until you either shoot someone or the storymanager puts the game in the attack mode. Then they attack.
+ Drone works

August 2017, Week 1

+ Made a flying drone rig. Flying enemies will now use a similar system, and they won't rely on navmesh anymore.
+ Implemented a story manager to script the events that will happen on a level. Every level will have a unique story manager.
+ Implemented access cards. Locked areas will require an access card to get in.
+ You can now exit the mainenance area only if you disable all the pipes. One of the perks of using a story manager. Also the displays in the entrance now work.
+ The small level from Demo Day 14 will be used as a temporary coin grab - I'm gonna put a shitload of coins there and teleport player to the level if a certain condition is met. For example, player gets 1000 coins in the game, or finds a secret area.

July 2017, Week 4

+ Continue working on enemies, their movement and AI.
+ Remade some drone animations to be more believable.
- The AI is mentally retarded. I'll probably scrap the drone rig I have so far and make it fly in the air rather than use Navmesh, there is a tutorial that explains how to do that.

July 2017, Week 3

+ Working on enemies, modeled a drone.
+ Updated the camera image fx with the single post-effect script from the asset store (the one Unity devs are showcasing in every training video).
+ Heavy enemy got retextured once again, more smooth and less rusty.
- Had a very busy week, less progress than I hoped.

July 2017, Week 2

+ Migrated to Unity 2017.1 and C# 6, noticed an overall performance gain, nothing broke, thank God.
+ Using Substance Painter for textures from now on. Much faster workflow, better quality textures.
+ Retextured some assets.
+ Minor UI optimizations for performance.
+ Working on a heavy enemy with a minigun, resurrected from one of my early projects circa 2014-ish.
- Minigun enemy is a pain in the ass to UV unwrap.

July 2017, Week 1

+ imported teleporter model
+ replaced the glass shader on the bridge model, fps is now much better
+ minor optimizations and tweaks
+ Menu prototype!
- The new glass shader doesn't look as good as the old one.