June 2017, Week 1

+ another boss AND True Last Boss(?) finished
+ 2 final music tracks
+ ending
+ bosses leave a small extra reward on death
+ another upgrade
+ finished the third pause screen
+ buffed slaywords
+ final tweaks and changes
- this is our final progress entry. it's been fun. thank you very much everyone.

May 2017, Week 4

+ Removed shop & upgrade rooms from Floor ???
+ Achievements have been added, Daemon has been reworked
+ A new special boss has been added
+ Final Boss heavily tweaked
+ Mouse functionality for several more menu types
+ Some bosses specify their killing method
+ Several more (3-4) enemies
+ Another miniboss done
+ Sleep margin changed to 10, which apparently fixes some issues
+ Mysterious wallbound meat
+ Several new bullet types
+ Kleines' now quite a bit more happy
+ Work begun on the true last boss(?)
+ Bunch of small fixes

May 2017, Week 3

+ boss deaths previously caused major lagg - found and fixed it's cause
+ the hub can now be furnished with different things, based on how much debris you collect
+ trophies exist, based on max depth reached and your highest rank
+ jukebox / sound test!
+ your very own pet ghost
+ a few more music tracks we'll use soon
+ hub now attracts npcs, some of them may have hidden minigames attached
+ this may or may not be related to our fist achievement
+ 4-5 new enemies for the ??? floor
+ unlock system is done!
+ kleines does now sell you stuff!
+ kleines has some different bits of dialogue if you skip him or beat the final boss before talking to him
+ new bomb type: timebomb
+ updated the editor to the latest stand and translated everything i've neglected to sofar
+ weapon generating system completely refactored, apparently also fixed another leak
+ so many bugfixes

May 2017, Week 2

+ kleines' menu system is done, dialogue in general is reworked to handle some extra things
+ big chunk of fixes and polish work: timer resets properly when finishing tutorial and doesn't rise while you're in the hub, daemon and guardian have some extra graphics and sounds, seals dont spawn on top of themselves
+ kleines has some extra stuff to say, based on the max. floor reached
+ sword and razor on lockdown until further notice.
+ squashing now lists correct cause of death
+ reactor produces less earrape
+ new item pickup sound effects
+ enemy bomb bullets pass on the attacker's id to the spawned projectiles
+ roar
+ autobomb no longer prevents "hits taken" for ranking purposes
+ floor ??? work, plus a new enemy

May 2017, Week 1

+ victory score screen done, ranks time, hits and exploration stats
+ floor 5 shop backgrounds and several more room background for floor 4
+ drew and submitted a bunch of stuff to steam store, pending approval for a "coming soon" page
+ seals... very mysterious
+ fixed honor guards from slowly nudging towards walls
+ expanded saving system in preparation for all the overarching game stuff
+ mimic hitboxes make more sense now
+ game now counts the total kills done on specific enemy types and subtypes
+ 3-keywords weapon spawns no long appear over vault keys
+ some new sfx
+ align no longer sometimes fires a bullet right behind you when you enter a room, very important fix
+ kleines overhaul. he'll finally get to sell stuff soon
+ ???????? drawn

April 2017, Week 4

+ started work on post-final boss stuff
+ reworked the saving system to accomodate the full game
+ worked out some things with the first (non-demo) victory screen

April 2017, Week 2

+ made us a website, imma real webdesigner now, ma.
+ gui displays full score in the map screen, along with the timer
+ fireballs with overheat should be stronger now, rehauled a bunch of code for very slight fps gain
+ hermits should be easier to hit now
+ new&beefy boss explosions
+ three new keywords, and a very related item spawn fix
+ final boss does some cool stuff now, getting close to finishing it
+ fixed a thing that gave all objects that left bounds a ghost mask
- mouselock was a mistake

April 2017, Week 1

+ New sound effects
+ Updated some visuals in the explosions department
+ Cool particles when teleporting from room to room
+ Work continues on floor 5 boss
+ Theme music for that boss started
+ Constant rebalancing
+ Steampipe has been defeated, we are victorious, the game has been uploaded

March 2017, Week 5

+ gamepad rebinding is in!
+ turns out the mouse aim in current demo is SSSSSLIGHTLY off, fixed that alongside fully functional TATE
+ new teleportation effect
+ a few new explosion effects for smaller enemies & cleaning up some shooting effects for clearer combat
+ more results for weapon caches
+ bunch of nerfs & boss pepping
+ a horrible laglaser combo is now mutex

March 2017, Week 4

+ a thing happens when you finish floor 5
+ final boss, mid-work
+ some item and item pool reworks - rooms can reward 1 hp, small ammo gives money if you hold no weapon
+ game is theoretically playable in TATE mode, also switched windowed mode to borderless
+ bunch of enemies have been nerfed
+ tutorial now supplies you with bombs, acts as a pick-up tutorial too i guess, pickups themselves visibly shatter on room leave
+ large overhaulf of weapon UI, new weapon icons, basic/vulcan no longer share icons, switching weapons notifies you that you salvage the old weapon, which grants health and also debris based on how much ammo was left
+ ammo now displays a line under the number, to imply the total of ammo you currently have
+ bunch of map icons patched up to be less transparent
+ razors and shrapnel made darker to distract less
+ stealth nerfed
+ fixed some of the (now) erroneous of kleines' advices, tweaked a bunch of enemies and fixed some more things

March 2017, Week 3

+ second Floor 5 Miniboss (Idol) is done
+ also Ghost Tubes & Bane Engines
+ added 3 more backgrounds for floor 5
+ reworked the way enemy explosions & friendly fire among enemies work
+ touched up the hitboxes of several minibosses to remove a few weird collision cases
+ haunted blocks stop firing in cleared rooms
+ new track that currently plays when a boss is defeated, though I have a better place for it
+ revolver now plays a reload cue
+ up to 400 rooms, started work on some special floor 5 stuff
+ plus a bunch of minor fixes

March 2017, Week 2

+ first floor 5 miniboss added
+ rad sword slashes
+ crawlers can walk over gaps again, wasnt intended but works fine
+ cryomancers immune to icicles in a very special way
+ alttab mute is instant and doesnt (kind of) fuck up anymore
+ max ammo doesnt reduce your current ammo if its above the max ammo cap anymore
+ polished up a bunch of minor things (fireghosts, explosions, several miniboss deaths, etc)
+ final big enemy sprited

March 2017, Week 1

+ finally added the shrine!
+ a couple more enemies and hazards, plus almost all the remaining floor 5 assets
+ first floor 5 miniboss started
+ swarmhosts behave completely differently from before
+ crawlers dont walk over gaps anymore, but also aren't as prone to suicidally crashing into walls
+ couple new lightning sfx
+ item text re-scrolling and weird pop-up item text artifacts fixed
+ smoother and more hilariously jiggy daemon arms
+ icicles (and wires) now interact with moving blocks
+ added hardmode behavior to a bunch more enemies
+ "chaos mode" started
+ laser can have the phase keyword now
+ rewrote a bunch of damage code for weapons, making for more balanced dps across all keywords, especially triple and burst
+ autobomb nerfed
+ teleporting cancels your charge
+ special room objects are now automaticaly shaded based on floor, texture space saved, plus might be handy later
+ switchblocks turn off on room clear and pose less threat to enemies
+ recolored most elemental mage enemies to make them more distinct from each other
+ sword unnerfed a bit, can swat all but largest bullets out of the air
+ 200 more rooms on floor 5, up to 270
+ way too many small fixes and tiny polishes in face of the demo day, see you on wednesday!

February 2017, Week 4

+ another shop type and yet another room type sprited and spawnable, but not functional yet
+ 5 new enemy types and several new bullets
+ resprited all the 2-damage bullets
+ bombing briefly disrupts lightning and lasers like it does bullets
+ moveblocks generate rails
+ item prices have a visual effect for when you cant buy them
+ behemoth fight no longer throws boxes at you
+ begun some major texture optimizazions, saved 300x2320px worth of texture space sofar
+ bunch of minor fixes and additions(hp item theme, new gigalaser sfx, etc.), found some p. major bugs w. room switching that need fixin'

February 2017, Week 3

+ new pickups: damage+, damage++, power bomb laser, power bomb frost
+ three new shop types: big, hp and gamble, price formula has been reworked so you're actually strapped for cash now, unless you're like, an immaculate god player
+ on that account, debris multiplier drops by 1.0 instead of 0.5 per hit now and is not prevented by autobomb
+ deeply reworked the way backgrounds are handled for optimized texture page and less headache once we got to boss rushes
+ floor 5 has been started! large number of assets have already been sprited
+ scripts have had the shit reorganized out of them
+ minibosses drop 1hp instead of 2hp now
+ oops bomb shader was bugged, unbugged it
+ flipped hp/maxhp orientation, map hud now also displays your current damage ratio
+ added a new cool shot type (laser spears(?))
+ added three new mage enemies and spiced up the existing ones a bit, also added a skully variety firing aforementioned lasers
+ implemented a particle soft/hard cap system that should significantly improve performance in certain situations, blood particles now no longer travel through walls
+ improved several aspects of the tutorial: a bomb tooltip, different forcefield effect and teleport tooltip only showing up AFTER you blow up the generator
+ upgrade menu correctly makes sounds when using a mouse, also fixed general upgrade menu clickability imprecision
+ moveblocks stop for a few frames every time they hit an obstacle, so it feels like there's some weight behind them
+ bunch of other changes too minor to mention

February 2017, Week 2

+ final floor 4 boss is done! and thusly floor 4 itself!
+ bouncing bullets leave a pleasant lavender trail behind them, also got bullets to change speed over time if needed
+ sword nerf! sword slashes now only destroy small bullets
+ minor graphical change to fire trails
+ several enemies no longer deal contact damage, nerfed bumper hp and did some polishing on a few minibosses (quadcore and funnel)
+ fixed an issue with portals being weird
+ room count on every floor is now 400

February 2017, Week 1

+ Reactor boss done. Definitely.
+ Pic related is the state of the third Floor 4 boss atm.
+ Floor 4 music done and in place.
+ Weapon tooltips shortened even further. P sure nobody's read them and people who did likely just confused by the numbers.
+ Enemies intended to act as obstacles no longer TING every time hit.
+ Pause screens darken when you enter a submenu.
+ Fixed a major issue in the Linux build.
+ Think Floor 4 room layouts might be done? Miniboss ones are in place now.
+ Miscelanous fixes related to things that get transported by moving blocks.

January 2017, Week 4

+ The firey mage boss is complete.
+ Second boss 9 attacks in making, most sprites done, though it's pretty huge asset-wise.
+ Resprited lightning, changed the color of warning shots.
+ Intro force walls knocks you back when approached.
+ More background work, fixed a cursor bug, made big explosions consistently stay at the same depth, lightning about to leave residual particles, etc.

January 2017, Week 3

+ secondary pause screen in and properly animated.
+ you can pick other resolutions besides AUTO while in fullscreen.
+ moving blocks can have things attached to them, spikes, crawlers, turrets, etc.
+ begun work on hard mode in advance, most enemies already have their behavior/patterns upgraded in hard mode, some were downgraded for normal mode.
+ rewrote the revenge bullet system a bit to fix a bug most people never experienced and account for hard mode changes.
+ the hp part system looks differently, so does the vault key icon.
+ up to 300 rooms on floor 4.

January 2017, Week 2

+ Implemented the rest of DD12 feedback and bugfixes (Improper sound loops, Cutting off input if clicking outside the screen, a bunch of misaligned 3d sounds, etc.)
+ Started the first Floor 4 boss, a great chunk of it's behavior is already done
+ Recolored several core player shot types to differentiate them more from enemy shots
+ Fixed rare display errors in enemy hp bars
+ Can no longer glitch out of boss rooms with a forgotten debug button
+ Added Satchel block, Explosive blocks stand out more, Chomper makes chomping sounds, pipe enemies and segments get destroyed if dislocated from the whole
+ A whole bunch of quality-of-life improvements for the editor. (Displays whole 2x2 and 3x3 sprites, can sample and delete by clicking on any part of a placed object, replacing a part of an object automatically deletes it)
+ Despite all odds, moveblocks work now. Im so proud of them, they also have beefy oof sound and shake the screen if bouncing off of a wall at particularly high speeds
+ Recolored Floor 2 backgrounds again, color feels so good, Im gonna reuse it for Floor 5
+ About 100 new rooms or so

January 2017, Week 1

+ two more weapon keywords (continuous, align)
+ ice wyrm now exposes it's innermost feelings to you when damaged enough
+ reworked a floor 2 miniboss almost completely
+ smaller explosions, recolored debris, bg color changes
+ several enemy tweaks and changes, firepipes working properly now, moveblocks have outlines
+ dd12 feedback changes implemented sofar: ui doesnt flicker when photosensitive mode is on, pickups have a consistent hitbox, tutorial forcefield cable leading to it's generator has been highlighted and the teleport hint moved a bit further down, working through the rest right now

December 2016, Week 5

+ final floor 4 miniboss done
+ added two differently sized block props, placed them where needed on floor 1, pending on other floors
+ nerfed some big enemies, fixed razor/pushblock problems and a bug that duplicated contents of a room

December 2016, Week 4

+ Sprited a new enemy
+ Sprited more floor block variations for floor 4
- Antibirth ate the rest of progress for the week